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23 December 2022

Rizzle Short Videos App | Make Funny Video Memes

Rizzle Short Videos App | Make Funny Video Memes

Rizzle Short Videos App | Make Funny Video Memes

Rizzle’s revolutionary Titan feature will help you create magical video memes in just a few taps! Break the rules and let your imagination fly.

Rizzle will help you create top-notch short videos with in-built editing tools and amazing, easy-to-use features you will find nowhere else!

Rizzle is the most innovative short video app made in India just for you! Create, edit, watch, and share short videos within seconds! Snack on world-class short videos available exclusively on Rizzle.


Make funny video memes with the exclusive TITAN feature on Rizzle!
Shrink or magnify yourself, become as small as an ant or as big as an elephant, and make magical videos!

આગામી 100 દિવસમાં આ યોજના હેઠળ ખેડૂતોને 417 કરોડ ચૂકવાશે, ગુજરાત સરકારની મોટી જાહેરાત વાંચો વિગતવાર 


Create Bollywood-like videos in seconds without any editing.
Share your Filmi videos on Instagram Reels & go viral!

કૃષિમંત્રી રાઘવજીની જાહેરાત, ખેડૂતોના મલ્ટીપર્પઝ વપરાશને જોતા સરકાર આ વસ્તુઓ માટે મહતમ 2 હજારની સહાય અપાશે, જાણી લો યોજના


Create unique and exclusive videos by mixing the videos on Rizzle or on your mobile at a single tap.

Gift City Video: Watch Here

Ab Mix karo- Rimix karo! Kyunki mazaa sab ke saath hai!

️ જુઓ વડોદરાના GHEE GUD રેસ્ટોરન્ટના
 મેનુઓ નો – VIDEO link HERE


Make stunning videos by using beautiful pictures from your mobile gallery.
Share these dazzling template videos with your friends and family on WhatsApp Status.


Want to shoot at a beach? Does your short series need you to be at the Taj Mahal or the busy streets of New York? Green Screen has you covered!
Add pictures from your gallery to give reference to your stories, news reports, opinions, docu-series, and more.
Snack on visually stunning short videos!


Add background music to your short series for any mood!
Choose from a library of super-hit Bollywood, Tollywood, English, Indi-pop, and many other songs to create your own dance, transition & music videos!
Pep up your videos with quirky sound effects and make your viewers fall in love with your content!


Use vibrant visual effects and filters to make beautifully dramatic videos!

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