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30 September 2021

Doordarshan DD Girnar Class 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table

Doordarshan DD Girnar 2021 Class 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table

November 2021 Home Learning DD Girnar Time Table

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October 2021 Home Learning DD Girnar Time Table

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Due to the current epidemic of Hull Koro in the current academic year starting from 8th June 2020, it is not possible to call the students to the schools for academic work so that the state level for the educational work of the students from Std. 1 to 5, Std. 6 to 8 and std. Content based video / educational lessons prepared for students from 9th to 12th through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra- D.D. Started from Girnar channel from 15th June 2020 and also virtual class has been started for standard 9 to 12 students.

In this regard, under the educational work broadcast from Doordarshan-DD Girnar for the students of Std. So in all the schools of your district, BRC, CRC, parents through teachers, students are requested to deliver this timetable.

15/6/2020 thi DD Girnar channel par Educational lesson jova babat Paripatra teamj Time table. Gujarat education department asks schools to ensure home learning for students ... Telecast of educational classes on DD Girnar from June 15. Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table Online Education TV channel List Gujarat. ... From June 15, educational programs for children will be aired on DD ... It is broadcast out of studios at Doordarshan Kendra in Ahmedabad. DD Girnar Timetable of home learning. DD Girnar tv time table of the telecast. ... The home learning program will start from 15-6-2020. From June 15, DD Girnar television channel will telecast educational programmes for schoolchildren the schedule of which will be provided by Gujarat Education Department.

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Hello friends, the new academic session has started from 8th June 2020 but due to the current Koro epidemic, children cannot be called to school so as not to spoil the academic work of the students. Based educational videos and educational lessons are broadcast on TV through Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar channel.

This educational video has been started from 15th June 2020. Apart from this, classes have also been started for the students of Std. 9th to 12th. This educational video is being aired on DD Girnar Doordarshan. In addition, a video is also sent through a PDF every day.

For the educational programs broadcast for the students of Std. 1 to 12 from 19th November to 30th November 2020, the questions of the study process under the syllabus as well as the schedule of the virtual class for the students of Std. 6 to 12 have also been sent by the government. Merge is sent in pdf format through youtube link as well as through DD Girnar and through this the children study daily.

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29 September 2021

Live Whether Check App | whether Radar App | Check live Whether

Live Whether Check App | whether Radar App | Check live Whether

Free hyperlocal forecasts, weather maps and storm tracker..

Key Features of Weather & Radar USA:

Precise weather forecasts

Live severe weather alerts

Innovative weather, temperature and wind maps
14-day weather outlook

Local temperatures and UV index

Coastal weather and wave heights

Weather, climate and environment news ready for all weather conditions this spring with Weather & Radar’s free app! Always know when the sun will be out, rain’s heading your way or if severe storms may develop. The weather app will accurately display current and future weather conditions for your exact position in the US and around the world.

Download MAUSAM App for Update of weather

The app is available on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store
The app gets weather updates 8 times a day
The app automatically warns of bad weather
Currently the app is working for 200 cities, soon this number will be 450

The central government has launched the ‘Mausam’ app to make weather information easily accessible to the general public. From this app users can get weather forecast information. The app has been jointly developed by the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics, IITM (Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology) and IMD (India Metrological Department). This app is available on Play Store and App Store. Earth Science Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has given his information by tweeting...

Weather information for 450 cities
The app currently only works in 200 cities, according to government claims. It will be made available to users in 450 cities in the next 7 days. This app provides weather information for the last 24 hours and for the next 7 days. The weather update will be seen 8 times on the app.

There will be a bad weather warning
This government app, like other apps, uses different colors for weather updates. The app automatically warns users of bad weather.

વાવાઝોડાને લઇને તમારું નેટવર્ક કામ ન કરે તો, આ રીતે કોઈ પણ કંપનીનું નેટવર્ક વાપરી શકશો

ચક્રવાત “બિપરજોય” અસરગ્રસ્ત વિસ્તારો!; જો તમારી સબસ્ક્રાઈબ કરેલી ટેલિકોમ સેવાઓ કામ ના કરે તો તમે હવે કોઈપણ ટેલિકોમ ઓપરેટરની નેટવર્ક ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો. મોબાઇલ સેટિંગ્સ > સિમ કાર્ડ > મોબાઇલ નેટવર્કને માન્યુઅલી પસંદ કરો. વાગ્યા થી 17.06.23, રાત્રે 11:59 વાગ્યા સુધી ઉપલબ્ધ.

Union Earth Science Minister Harsh Vardhan last Monday launched a government mobile application with the intention of tackling weather challenges in a timely manner, which will provide weather forecast information for almost every city in the country. The app will provide accurate information to the general public including weather, temperature, rain, wind speed, air humidity. According to the government, the app will start releasing weather forecast reports for around 450 cities in India in the next seven days. 24 hour weather forecast will be given on this app.

👉 અહીં ક્લિક કરી વાવાઝોડું Zoom કરી જોઈ શકો

Notifications will be updated eight times a day on the Mausam app. At the same time, colors have been used to easily understand the weather updates. Weather information on the app will also be available in three colors Red, Yellow and Orange. At the same time, a warning will be issued if the weather is dangerous. The app will initially give weather updates to 800 stations and districts at three-hour intervals....

The Mausam app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This mobile app is jointly developed by International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune and Indian Meteorological Department. Speaking on the occasion of the app launch, Minister Harshvardhan said that huge investment is needed to replace the new device, computer related resources to make the weather update accurate. He said the investment should be at least double the current budget. Explain that till now there was no special mechanism for daily updates regarding weather forecast in the country. In such cases, people had to resort to the reports of private institutions, which did not provide weather updates for every single city. In this case, the official new Mausam app can get rid of this problem.

Weather Forecast

Everything about the weather at a glance! The latest forecasts for temperature and wind, probability of rain or thunder, sunshine duration and severe storm risk. Detailed data on air pressure, humidity levels and UV-Index. Plan ahead with the 14-day weather forecast feature.

Weather Map

More than just your standard storm radar! Discover the all-in-one weather map, including high-resolution satellite data, rainfall and thunderstorm areas. Our innovative weather map allows you to track real-time meteorological conditions in your city, county, state or the whole US. Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami, track the movement of clouds, fronts and storms in and around your area.

Severe Weather Alerts

Using the latest storm cell and lightning tracking technology, our severe storm alerting service will let you know about dangerous thunderstorm activity approaching your area.

Weather News

Our team of editors will bring you the latest weather, climate and environment news, including expert analysis of severe and high impact weather. From winter storms to tornadoes and hurricanes, we've got you covered!

Coastal Conditions

You can rely on Weather & Radar's free app to get the latest lake and ocean temperatures as well as frequently updated beach and nearshore weather, wind + wave conditions.

વેધર રિપોર્ટ અહીંથી જુઓ

Download Whether Radar Apk

90-Minute Trend

Our 90-minute nowcast feature gives you all the local and time-critical data you need, using a blend of weather observations and high-resolution models to pinpoint the movement and arrival times of rain or storms around your location. 

World Weather

Save any location and see current conditions for any number of global locations at once. Global weather data at your fingertips!

Use the weather app free of advertising with the in-app purchase and profit from the option to personalize your main page!
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HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera


An easy and faster HD camera for Android to catch moments, panorama, quick snap & filters. Moreover, this is a native android system camera app. HD professional Camera utilized all advantages of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quick and straightforward photos and videos.

Key Features Of HD Camera For Android:

HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera
  • camera and video features.
  • Moreover, 3D camera, video recorder & panorama.
  • As well as pinch to zoom
  • Smart panorama shooting.
  • Moreover, countdown timer.
  • As well as a dynamic user interface (phone/tablet)
  • Moreover, widescreen pictures.
  • As well as picture quality setting.
  • White stability settings are likewise Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight and Cloudy.
  • Moreover, Screen mode settings(Action, Night, Sunset, Play)
  • Exposure.
  • Location targeting.
  • Moreover, Configurable volume keys.
  • Photo Collage.
  • Moreover, Photo crop and photo editing.

HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera
HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

Although within the current market, there are have many sorts of camera applications. Moreover, we still think this android native application is that the most effective and ready to meet a user needs. Here only as a complement for those devices that are not installed android native system provides an additional option.


The special permissions for use

HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

1, android. permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION

HD Professional Camera can remember your photos and videos location if you would like. Moreover, other apps can access this information alongside your saved images.

2, android. permission.READ_CONTACTS

After you’re taking a photograph, you’ll share it with others. Moreover, HD Camera wants to browse the contacts information and assist you to share photos via email, SMS, or other apps.


HD Camera For Android is based on aboriginal android camera code and licensed under the Apache License.


HD Camera For Android | HD Professional Camera

Apache License:

Download HD Camera From Here



You’re reading JobsGujarat — experts who break news about Google and its surrounding ecosystem, day after day. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news. As well as exclusive offers on best recharge, popular mobiles. With the latest tech news and reviews from all over the world. Follow irisdigitals on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in the loop.

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Sing karaoke & Record Music videos & Sing to make friends

Sing karaoke & Record Music videos & Sing to make friends

Guru Purnima Photo Editor
Create awesome looking photo frames of you at Guru Purnima Photo Frame by embedding your photos. Share and show off the photos of you at Guru Purnima with friends and family.

StarMaker is a popular singing app and music community with 50M+users globally, sing free karaoke songs and make friends through music now..

Select any photo from Gallery and embed the photo of your choice into Valentine Guru Purnima photos like etc. You can use two finger gestures to enter the photo in right place in the famous frames.

adding Valentine Guru Purnima background to their favorite images. Feel yourself in the surroundings of Guru Purnima beauty
Now we develop Guru Purnima photo frame effects app to decorate your photos with Guru Purnima photo frame editor and to get feel we are in Pleasant atmosphere

Show your affection with Guru Purnima by decorating your photos with Guru Purnima photo frames new.

Feel yourself you are in the surroundings of scenery and natures beauty with this Guru Purnima Photo Frames application.

If you are interesting photography to make photo better without you are going to Guru Purnima you can create amazing valentine Guru Purnima photo albums with these frames

Would you like your photos to be appearing on the Guru Purnima frames? Then add your memories on these Guru Purnima frames and make them unforgettable.

Show your affection with nature by decorating your photos with Guru Purnima photo frames new.

Feel yourself you are in the surroundings of scenery and natures beauty with this valentine Guru Purnima Photo Frames application.

Guru Purnima photo frames features:

Beginning of the Navratri festival you will need Aarti and Garba we have given it in this application, you can read it with is lyrics of the Aarti and Garba.

કિર્તીદાન ગઢવી નોનસ્ટોપ ગરબા ટહુકાર ભાગ 9 અહીંથી સાંભળો
• Simple user-friendly interface.
• Simple crop image in your application.
• Wonderful Valentine Guru Purnima photo frames.
• Capture Photo from Camera.
• Swap photo direction.
• Add color effects to photo.
• Choose from Multiple frames in different shapes and colors and try them all out.
• Select a photo from the gallery of your phone and use this image editor to decorate it.
• Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like.
• This app supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
• Add text and colors
• Add photos on Guru Purnima backgrounds with shapes
• Save, send and share in online platforms
• Crop and cut any part of your photo.
• HD quality Valentine Guru Purnima frames.
• No internet connection is required.
• Pleasant User Interface.
• Rotate your image and zoom in or zoom out by finger touch.

સ્ટાર મેકર એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ

Add magic to the photos of your Guru Purnima ones by embellishing them with lively rose flower frames.

Rose is the symbol of Guru Purnima!! You can make the Guru Purnima photos on your phone with these adorable Valentine Guru Purnima’s photo frames.

Happy Guru Purnima mobile application provides below a list of featured valued latest contents:-
🎁️ Happy Guru Purnima Photo Frame Greetings
🎁️ Guru Purnima Animated GIF Greeting Cards
🎁️ Quote and Messages of Happy Guru Purnima
🎁️ Happy Guru Purnima Greeting Cards
🎁️ Photo Editor Greetings of Guru Purnima

App Features:
👉 Happy Guru Purnima Editor Tools:
🧩 Stickers
🧩 Text with Color and Stylish Fonts
🧩 Colorful and Beautiful Overlays
🧩 Emoji Collection
🧩 Image Filters
🧩 Colorful Drawing on Image
🧩 Background Image Changer
🧩 Image Background Eraiser
🧩 Drawing Sharp Eraser
🧩 Undo and Redo of Image Edits

👉 Local Gallery: Local Gallery for your Photo Frame Creations, Designs and edited Images.

👉 Latest/Updated Collection: Happy Guru Purnima mobile application provides you the latest collection of beautiful Photo Frames. We keep you updated, Time to time we keep on adding new Cards/Messages to deliver you best app experience with the nice and updated collection.

👉 Offline Support Feature: Once you open a Card/Message then you can check out the same later without using your internet connection.

👉 Photoframes Greetings: Personalized Greeting quotes with beautiful Photo Frames and Editing tools.

👉 Favorite Collection Feature: Provide you with a personalized experience, App allows you to like Cards or Messages that will be added in your "Favorite Collection" and access them directly with ease any time without searching.

👉 Share Option: You can easily share edited, saved Cards/Messages with ease just by tapping one button.

👉 Download Option: All Cards/Messages can be download and share with the help of handy download option.

👉 Zoom Feature: App provides you user-friendly pinch zoom to see minute details and easily select best greeting card or quotes message that you like most.

👉 Search Option: App provides you best search feature for quick access the latest collection of Cards/Messages and saves your time

Guru Purnima Photo Frames to express your feelings in a beautiful way with the Guru Purnima of your life and make people believe that Guru Purnima is for forever.
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Mehsana Traffic Brigade Recruitment 2021 For Volunteers

Mehsana Traffic Brigade Recruitment 2021 For Volunteers

Mehsana Traffic Brigade Recruitment 2021 :Mehsana District Possessed Nagarplika (Mehsana, Kadi, Nandasan) has Recently Invites Application For the Traffic Brigade Volunteers Recruitment 2021, 9th pass Candidates Apply For this job, Eligible Candidates Apply Before 10.10.2021, For More Detail Read JobsGujarat Article Or Official Advertisement.

It is a good opportunity for all the interested candidates who are looking for jobs in Mehsana District Possessed Nagarplika (Mehsana, Kadi, Nandasan). For more information related to Educational Qualification, Age Criteria, Selection Mode, Important Date and other Eligibility process please read the below article carefully. Also must read the official advertisement in detail before applying.

Job Summary Mehsana Traffic Brigade Recruitment 2021

Organization : Mehsana District Traffic Brigade

Total Post : 06

Job Location : Mehsana, Gujarat.

Post : Volunteers

Education Qualification

• 9th Pass & Candidate who should be a Resident of that Area

Age Limit

• 18 To 40 Years.

• Birth Between 24.09.1981 To 24.09.2003.


• One day’s honorary salary is Rs. 300/-

• Monthly Probably Salary is 9000/-

Application Fees

• There is No Application Fees.

Physical Fitness

• Height Male : 162 CM

• Female : 150 CM Or So much more

• Chest Male : 77 CM & Inflated Chest is 82 CM

• Weight Male : 50 KG Minimum

• Female : 40 KG Minimum

Important Note : Before Apply Please Read Official Advertisement For Desirable Qualification, Experience Or Other Terms & Condition.

How To Apply

  • Eligible candidates who fulfilling the criteria as per the notification or the Above Details can apply in the enclosed prescribed format and send a copy through Register AD / Speed Post of their bio-data, recent passport size photo, educational qualification, certificate of experience, And all Necessary Documents with the application.

  • Place To Get The Application Form & Place to Send the Application : Registry Office, Office of the Superintendent of Police, Mehsana.

Selection Process

  • Candidates will be selected based on Physical Test, Written Test & Interview.

Important Link

Official Notification : Click Here

Importan Date

• Last date For Get The Application form : 04.10.2021

• Last Date To Apply : 10.10.2021

• Physical Test Date : 14.10.2021
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Income Tax Department Recruitment 2021

Income Tax Department Recruitment 2021

Income Tax Department Recruitment 2021 Apply Online for 155 MTS, Tax Assistant and Income Tax Inspector : Income Tax Department Mumbai is hiring 155 Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS), Inspector of Income Tax and Tax Assistant under sports quota. The Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai is looking to recruit candidates for the post of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS), Inspector of Income Tax and Tax Assistant through sports quota. All such candidates who have represented state or country can apply for Income Tax Mumbai Recruitment 2021 on official website latest by 25 August 2021.You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, Other Jobs, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below.

Income Tax Department Recruitment 2021 Summary

Vacancy Details

1. MTS – 64 Posts

2. Tax Assistant – 83 Posts

3. Inspector of Income Tax – 8 Posts

• MTS – Pay level-1 (Rs. 18000 to Rs. 56900)

• Income Tax Inspector – Pay level-7 (Rs. 44900 to Rs.142400)

• Tax Assistant – Pay level-4 (Rs. 25500 to Rs. 81100)

Educational Qualification:

• MTS – 10th passed

• Income Tax Inspector – Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University or equivalent

• Tax Assistants – Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University or equivalent. Having Data Entry Speed of 8,000 Key depressions per hour

Age Limit

• For Inspector of Income Tax : 18 to 30 years of age

• For Tax Assistant : 18 to 27 years of age

• For Multi Tasking Staff : 18 to 25 years of age

How to Apply?

• Eligible candidates can apply ONLINE on the official website on or before 25 August 2021.

Sports Qualification:

• A State or the Country in a National or International Competition in any of the games/sports as mentioned in PDF

• Their University in the Inter-University Tournaments conducted by the Inter-University Sports Board in any of the games/sports as mentioned in PDF or

• The State Schools Team in the National Sports/Games for schools conducted by All India School Games Federation in any of the games/sports as mentioned in PDF or

Important Link:

• Sportsperson who has been awarded National Awards in Physical Efficiency under National Physical Efficiency Drive.
Selection Process:

The applications will be scrutinized and suitable candidates will be shortlisted for further selection process. For selection, the short listed candidates will be required to appear for document verification and if further required, the candidates may also be required to undergo ground/proficiency test.
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Download Stylish Text Android Application

Download Stylish Text Android Application

Blue, Double Strike, Script Normal & Bold, Fracter Normal & Bold, Sans Mono, Normal & Bold, Math Bold, Italic & Bold Italic, Circular, Squared, Dark Circles, Dark Squares, Small Caps, Monospaces, Downside Square Brackets, Slash, Double Slash, Strike Through, Double Decker, Dots UP Down, Superscript and Subscript and much more.

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થામાં વધારા બાબત લેટર

Let’s open stylish text on your mobile and start writing beautiful bio. Write in bold, italic, cursive style to highlight the text on your timeline. Write decorative greetings and surprise your friends on their special days. Chat with fancy fonts in groups and be special to attract attention. Create some unique names for popular games and stand out among other players.

દારાસિંગ થાળીનો વિડીયો જુઓ અહીંથી

We love to make sure we are supporting farmers who are working hard to produce high quality food that’s healthy and delicious. Our primary focus is to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product from our farm, and that we are always adding value to our farmers by making sure they can afford to continue growing their farms.

We are a family run organic farm in the heart of London. We have been farming organic crops for over 25 years. We aim to make organic farming affordable to everyone, and to use the most sustainable farming methods and practices. Our organic farms are run by passionate and dedicated individuals. We are very proud of what we have achieved, and we are working hard to bring this to you!
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Download Photo Recovery Android Application

Download Photo Recovery Android Application

Sustainable furniture has always been our commitment. We work with the most sustainable of companies, working with companies with environmental credentials and the right people in the right places. We want to be the world leader in sustainable furniture and we’re committed to building the best sustainable furniture in the world.

ઉચ્ચત્તર પગાર ધોરણ અન્વયે થયેલ પગાર બાંધણી ચકાસણીની કામગીરી ઓનલાઈન હાથ ધરવા બાબત.
બદલી કરાયેલ શિક્ષકોને છૂટા કરવા બાબત ની રજુઆત

We have been developing sustainable furniture for over 25 years. We believe we have the expertise to create the perfect furniture for your home. Our goal is to offer the highest quality and highest standards. We are always on the lookout for talented craftsmen. We are committed to being the best in the market.

બઢતી મેળવવા માટેની ખાતાકીય પરીક્ષાના નિયમો

We pride ourselves on being an established company. We have a strong business and customer base in Europe and in North America.

Download Application

The idea of sustainably made and produced goods is the cornerstone on which we build a global business. We focus on delivering high-quality wood, machinery & materials directly to customers via specialist makers in small batches for an average price between £10 &£25 per item.
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Download Dailyhunt – Latest Local & National News, Video

Download Dailyhunt – Latest Local & National News, Videos

અતિ ભારે વરસાદના કારણે આચાર્યશ્રી નિર્ણય લેવા બાબત

Dailyhunt, “Made in India” app for News & Videos – Live pandemic news coverage, Local, National & International News, Politics, Cricket, Entertainment & much more!News, videos & viral cards in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Odia, Punjabi, Urdu & Bhojpuri

List of Gujarati News Papers.

Divya Bhaskar
Gujarat Samachar
Gujarat Samachar e-Paper
Sandesh e-Paper
Bombay Samachar
Jai Hind
Gujarat Mitra
Nav Gujarat Samay
Aaj Kaal
Gujarat Today
Sardar Gurjari
Kutch Mitra
Aankho Dekhi
Sanj Samachar



ધોરણ-6-7-8 ઓટોમેટિક ટાઇમ ટેબલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

ધોરણ-3-4-5 ઓટોમેટિક ટાઇમ ટેબલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Clean uninstall remains-clean residual junk file from deleted apps;

પરિપત્ર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

★ Smart Library File Explorer Categorize all files

• Live cases and Vaccinations – State and District Level
• Lockdown News, FAQs, and Guidelines in your Area
• Vaccination procedures, eligibility, and hospital/center list
• Statewise Helpline Numbers for all your queries

ઇન્કમ ટેક્સ્ બાબત લેટર 1

ઇન્કમ ટેક્ક્સ બાબત લેટર 2

Robberies, Theft & Accidents in your area

• Jobs and vacancies in your city
• Public issues like water shortage, power cuts, traffic jams & daily market/ mandi rates
• Festivals, Melas and Religious Events in your neighborhood
• National and International News
• Live News/ TV Channels
• State/ National Politics
• Cricket, Entertainment, Lifestyle

How to earn money from Dailyhunt? Today we will tell you how you can earn money from Dailyhunt? You probably know about Dailyhunt, it is a news publishing app, people read the news here. Many news agencies publish news on this app but now Dailyhunt changed its policies and they created a platform for ordinary people which they named DH Creator Dailyhunt where ordinary people like you and me can earn money by publishing news.

According to the information received from the people who are publishing news on DH Creator, it has been learned that even if you work part-time on Dailyhunt, you can easily earn 4 to 5 thousand rupees per month. DH Creator is a new platform, so there are improvements from time to time, due to which the creator may have to face some trouble.

Gives Dailyhunt Payment. Yes, some people’s payment comes a little late because the Dailyhunt team is not able to verify your document and they take some time to do this but if you mail them then maybe they will verify your documents and make your payment to you. Deliver it as soon as possible, now let’s know Dailyhunt se paise kaise kamaye?
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28 September 2021

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as Amla

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as Amla

What is Indian gooseberry?

Indian gooseberry is known by two scientific names — Phyllanthus emblica and Emblica officinalis. It’s also commonly called amla.

This small tree has yellow-green flowers that blossom into round, edible fruits of the same color.

The fruits are about the size of a golf ball with a pit and thin peel. Their taste has been described as sour, bitter, and astringent.

The fruit is used in cooking in India, and most supplements on the market today are made only from the powdered, dried fruit or fruit extracts. 

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

However, the whole plant — including the fruit, leaves, and seeds — is utilized in traditional Indian medicine

Cultivated throughout India and nearby countries, amla has gained a following throughout the world as a "superfruit." It's no surprise — a 100-gram serving of fresh amla berries contains as much vitamin C as 20 oranges.  

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberries, grows on a flowering tree of the same name. The small berries are round and bright or yellow-green. Though they are quite sour on their own, their flavor can enhance recipes they’re added to. 

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

While we can't be entirely sure when Ayurvedic healers started using amla berry, historical records tell us they’ve been used in remedies for at least 1,000 years.

Incorporating this ancient superfruit into your diet may improve your overall health.

Health Benefits

The antioxidants and vitamins found in amla berries offer several health benefits. High concentrations of vitamin C in amla helps the body recover from illness. Amla berries also include several flavonols, chemicals that have been linked to benefits like improved memory. આ પણ વાંચો : રાત્રે કઈ બાજુ સુવું સ્વાસ્થ્ય માટે સારું 

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

Here are some other health benefits of amla:

Diabetes Control

The soluble fiber in amla berries dissolves quickly in the body, which helps to slow the rate your body absorbs sugar. This can help reduce blood sugar spikes. Amla berries also have a positive effect on blood glucose and lipid counts in people with type 2 diabetes.

Better Digestion

The fiber in amla berries helps the body regulate bowel movements and may help to relieve symptoms from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. High levels of vitamin C in Amla berries helps your body absorb other nutrients, so they may be helpful if you take iron and other mineral supplements. આ પણ વાંચો: એસીડિટી થી ફાયદો મેળવવા માટે આ અદભુત ઘર ગત્થું કીમિયો કામ લાગશે

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

Healthier Eyes

Amla berries are rich in vitamin A, which is key to improving eye health. Vitamin A not only improves vision, but it also may lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Amla's vitamin C content aids in eye health by fighting bacteria, which can help to protect your eyes from conjunctivitis (pink eye) and other infections. 


One 100g serving of amla berries (about a half cup) provides 300mg of vitamin C—more than twice the daily recommended value for adults. You'll also find notable amounts of polyphenols, alkaloids, and flavonoids. Amla has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. આ પણ વાંચો: કમરની તકલીફથી પીડાતા લોકો માટે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની બાબતો

Memory  and Brain Health

The phytonutrients and antioxidants in amla can benefit memory by fighting against free radicals that can attack and damage brain cells. Amla's high concentration of Vitamin C helps your body produce norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter believed to improve brain function in people with dementia.

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

Uses & Effectiveness

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for...

High cholesterol. Early research suggests that taking Indian gooseberry for 4 weeks decreases low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol. આ પણ વાંચો : મેંદો સ્વાસ્થ્ય માટે કેટલો ખતરનાક છે જાણો

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

Osteoarthritis. Research shows that taking two capsules of an Ayurvedic formula containing Indian gooseberry and several other ingredients three times daily for 24 weeks is as beneficial as taking glucosamine sulfate or the drug celecoxib for reducing pain in people with knee osteoarthritis.
Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

10 health benefits of Indian Gooseberry - known as amla

  • Cancer.
  • Swelling of the pancreas.
  • Indigestion.
  • Eye problems.
  • Joint pain.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Bloody diarrhea (dysentery).
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Other conditions.

More evidence is needed to rate Indian gooseberry for these uses.
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