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20 January 2021

4,200 Grade Pena Solution for Government Gazette, Rules will now be announced in primary school

4,200 Grade Pena Solution for Government Gazette, Rules will now be announced in primary school

now in primary school and a HTAT principal promotion and a direct recruitment in a direct recruitment.

Teachers will take promotion mandatory, forced to be forced to the primary school of the state and the recruitment of the recruitment of the year after year -2010, the last teachers came to the price of 4,200 grade payments from the time to 4,200 grade payments. If they are not willing, the state government could demand 4,200 grade penny of teachers. But now the gadget has declared the solution to the new rule. Now we have to take a mandatory promotion. In any place of the district with the rules for the implementation of this time where the extended notification of principal will be issued. So now there will be a duty to be forced, the benefit of 4,200 grade payments will be received as head teacher promoted by teachers. 

Gazette did not declare the official notification. According to the 12th, now in the primary school in January, the recruitment of Acharya's recruitment as the main teacher of the primary school in January and promoted a teacher against him and directly from H - Tat. Have been provided. At the first time, when the primary school was done by the government on June 25, 2019, when the principal recruitment was done by a circular, one circular was interpreted by a space promotion and a space in front of it. So the teachers' service books were returned from the recruited Htat. That is to come to come. Against the teachers were the method of fighting 1: 1. Now the new rule was 3: 1. Later, the government decided to postpone 3 space promotion and circular of 1 space according to the system's grade-down system, but H - Tat will be filled from.
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19 January 2021

Std 3 to 12 "Prashn Ukelo Inam Melvo" Online Spardha | Javab Aapo Ane Inam Jito

Std 3 to 12 "Prashn Ukelo Inam Melvo" Online Spardha | Javab Aapo Ane Inam Jito

Also through the entire education whether the students have the device under home learning? A survey was conducted to find out and it was found that a large number of 40% students in the state are using digital devices. The approach of the state government education department has taken many initiatives and efforts to ensure that not a single student is deprived of education during the Kovid epidemic.

As part of this, Microsoft has created a user account for all children and teachers studying in all the government and grant aided schools of Std.

It turns out that at present only a few teachers are teaching children using Microsoft Teams. From here on out, you are expected to conduct a virtual class through Microsoft Teams, using adequate IT materials available at the school and, if necessary, teachers using their own devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. You are also expected to join certain categories from the district level.

Currently, the office has provided necessary guidance and training to the teachers through the online platform- Microsoft Teams to teach the students from the virtual class at home with the aim of not spoiling the teaching work of the students in the situation arising due to COVID19. For this, the user ID and password of Microsoft Teams required for teachers and students are given here. Therefore, all the schools in your district under the "Gyankunj project" have installed Microsoft Teams in the laptops allotted under Gyankunj and used the interactive whiteboard setup. Note: MHRD, Government of India's online learning guideline PRAGYATA for Std-1 to 8, according to the duration of online learning directed per student, one hour of 30-45 minutes in a maximum of two hours of online learning.

Considering all these facts, the matter of organizing examinations for colleges / universities of Gujarat state and starting the admission process and academic work for the next academic year 2020-21 was under consideration of the Government.

At the end of careful consideration, the following instructions are decided to organize the examinations for the state college / university and to start the admission process and academic work for the next academic year 2020-21.

Terminal / Final Semester / Year Examinations on UG Courses / Programs as per UGC guidelines Must be taken from 25/06/2020 as well as the first year of P.G courses / programs and terminal / final semester / year examinations should be taken from 25/06/2020

તા.13/01/2021 નાં રોજ ધોરણ-6 થી 8 ગુજરાતી વિષયમાં આવેલ ટોપ-10 વિદ્યાર્થીઓની યાદી

તા.15/01/2021 નાં રોજ ધોરણ-6 થી 8 ગુજરાતી
તા.16/01/2021 નાં રોજ ધોરણ-6 થી 8 સામજીક વિજ્ઞાન

ટોલ ફ્રી નંબર (આ ટોલ ફ્રી નંબરને આપની તાબા હેઠળની તમામ શાળામાં પહોંચાડવા વિનંતી.)

ધોરણ-6 : 6357399460
ધોરણ-7 : 6357399470
ધોરણ-8 : 6357399480

તારીખ 15, 16 / 01/2021 વિજેતા બાળકોની યાદી : Download

Microsoft Team Virtual Class Aayojan - Std 3 To 8 MS Teams Class Aayojan In Excel File Download

◆ આયોજનની ઓટોમેટિક Excel ફાઈલ : Download




Examination centers should be set up at taluka level / local level for conducting the examination. In case the epidemic situation of COVIP-19 is not normal and the guidelines of social distance cannot be followed, 50% marks will be given to the students of Intermediate Semester 2,4,6 on the basis of internal assessment and the remaining 50% marks will be given immediately on the basis of previous semester
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Gujarati Voice Typing for all Gujarati people.

Gujarati Voice Typing for all Gujarati people.

Gujarati Voice Typing has good voice typing accuracy with user friendly UI. Voice to text Bengali keyboard is the simplest way to type messages in your voice when you cannot type them using the typing keyboard. This voice typing keyboard helps user to get typed text messages without pressing any key.

Gujarati voice to text speech recognizer app will make your life much easier through its speech to text feature. You just have to speak naturally in the voice into text voice typing app and it will translate it into Gujarati text automatically. The voice by text or Gujarati speak to text speech recognizer app is great for dictating and recognizing text. Now you don’t need to learn Gujarati in order to communicate in it just use this voice by text voice typing app and speak words of your choice. This speaks to text typing app is great for Gujarati speaking people as they don’t need to use typing keyboard for sending text in Gujarati.

Features of Gujarati Voice Typing:

- The simple and easy interface of voice translator

- Copy and paste text any social media app through the audio converter

- Speech recognizer does not time out

- Easily share in audio to text translator

- Here you will get a full view of voice typing text  

Write Gujarati and other Language by speaking , Voice typing, voice translator

Gujarati Voice Typing - બોલીને ગુજરાતી લખો  app which is best used for people who dont want to type or have some issue while typing then you can choose this app and will work for the best.

you can typing the keywork or text ,sms etc by just speaking the words in app.

then if you want to translate this text in other language then you can have more option for it.

for which you have to just type or speak and the select the language you want to convert then

press tranalate and you will get the result.

some of the other words of the app you can use for search.

voice sms typing, voice text typing, bolakar Gujarati likhe, bolun Gujarati liha, write Gujarati by speaking, write Gujarati by voice,

voice translator, Gujarati voice translator, camera translator, live camera translator,Gujarati camera translator,speak and write,

all language camera translator, photo pe name likhe ,bolkar sms likhe etc.

Here you share all the text on whatsapp, hike and all other messengers.  Speech to text keyboard in Gujarati keyboard saves a lot of time and effort of typing Gujarati words.

The text appears as soon as you start speaking into the application. Once you get used to this app,

વોઇસ ટાઇપિંગ સેટિંગ કઈ રીતે કરવું, ? જુઓ આ વીડિયો

you can use it to create and share long texts and articles on social media platform and messaging application

Download this Application Click Here

Voice to text – Gujarati keyboard is for those who speak in Gujarati language and get Gujarati text automatically typed.

This app will capture your voice and convert into Gujarati text speech to text.

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Logical Reasoning Puzzle With Answer

Drastic changes have taken place in the Mediclaim sector of India. The recent study conducted shows that approximately 27 percent of Indian population have mediclaim plan.

With the use of advanced technology and other options available in the market, the health insurance companies are aiming to cover a huge market value in a few years to come.

Question :

5 × 203 = 51

7 × 181 = 7

3 × 996 = 81

5 × 479 = ?

Answer :

5 × 203 => 5 × 3 => 15 => 51

7 × 181 => 7 × 1 => 7 => 7

3 × 996 => 3 × 6 => 18 => 81

5 × 479 => 5 × 9 => 45 => 54

But before you choose any particular policy provider, you must get your facts straight. Because there are a number online medical Companies in India and in order to find out the best among the best, you will have to get yourself involved deeper into the facts and figures about all these private and public sector health insurers providers. Now let’s talk about some of the top health insurance companies in India in details.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited

Max Bupa is one of the well known providers of top health plans in India. In the financial year 2014-15, Max Bupa Health Insurance Company has an Incurred Claim Ratio of 55.16%.

Max Bupa offers their policies to individuals from all age groups. Max Bupa is a joint business enterprise between Max India Limited and UK based Bupa Finance PLC, UK.
Read More » Primary Teacher Online Badli Application & Order 2021 Primary Teacher Online Badli Application & Order 2021 Primary Teacher Online Badli 2021: Director of Primary Education released notification regarding Online Badli 2021.This is Good news for teachers. The interested teacher may apply online for Primary Teacher Online Badli Camp 2021 through official website

Government of Gujarat Education Department has Started Primary Teacher Online Badli website. All Candidate who interested for Badli can visit this website. Primary Teacher Online Badli official Notification declared. Candidates are advised to keep visit this page for more updates and information. Candidates can apply online form through official website After submit online application you can also submit print of application and document at TPEO office. Primary Teacher Online Badli teacher also known and search as gujarat primary teacher badli camp dpegujarat org allotment online teacher transfer gujarat primary teacher transfer online application online badli jilla fer badli form – Primary Teacher Transfer Online Badli (Antarik – taluka – Jilla – fer – Aras Paras)

DPE Notification District Education Committee Primary (Std. 1 to 5) and Higher Primary Schools (Std. 6 to 8) Gujarati Medium teachers / Vidhyasahayak. This transfer will be based on Education Department’s circular. Interested teachers for this transfer can apply online on teacher also known and search as primary teacher badli na niyamo aras paras badli camp jillafer badli camp aras paras badli new paripatra aras paras news paper Primary Teacher Online Badli Application & Order 2021

Name of organization : DPE Gujarat

Important Date for Online Transfer 2021

Online Apply Start from: 31-01-2021 (12:00)

Last Date for Online Apply: 02-02-2021 (23:59)

How to Apply

Go to the official website i.e.
Read carefully before submitting your information
Enter Your Details and Upload Photo & Sign.
Now confirm and print application

Important Links:

Notice Board

 અરજી ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની સૂચના
 શિક્ષક/વિદ્યાસહાયકની જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી અંગેની જાહેરાત વર્ષ:૨૦૨૧

Download Online Badli 2021 Paripatra

ઓનલાઈન બદલી ફોર્મ કેમ ભરવુ ? તેની સ્ટેપ By સ્ટેપ માહિતી આપતી Pdf ફાઈલ 

ઓનલાઈન બદલી ફોર્મ કેમ ભરવુ ? તેની સ્ટેપ By સ્ટેપ માહિતી આપતી Pdf ફાઈલ* (જૂની વેબસાઈટ મુજબ)

અરજી ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે ઉમેદવારે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની સૂચનાઓ

ઓનલાઈન જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી કેમ્પ બાબતે નોકરી લંબાઈનો મુખ્ય શિક્ષકશ્રી એ આપવાનો દાખલાનો નમૂનો 1

ઓનલાઈન જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી કેમ્પ બાબતે નોકરી લંબાઈનો મુખ્ય શિક્ષકશ્રી એ આપવાનો દાખલાનો નમૂનો 2

2015માં ભરેલા ફોર્મનો નમૂનો 1

2015માં ભરેલા ફોર્મનો નમૂનો 2

ફોર્મ સાથે જોડવાના ડોક્યુમેન્ટનું લિસ્ટ

ફોર્મ માટે જરૂરી તમામ શાળાના ડાયસકોડ સર્ચ કરો

ફોર્મ માટે જરૂરી તમામ ક્લસ્ટર ડાયસકોડ સર્ચ કરો

બદલી ફોર્મ ભરેલ હોય અને જો સ્થળ ના મળે તો ફરીથી ફોર્મ ભરી શકાય તેની માહિતી

બદલી માટે પતિ પત્ની કેસ માટેના પ્રમાણપત્રનો નમૂનો

બદલી કરેલ શિક્ષક કે વિદ્યાસહાયક સરકારની સૂચના અનુસાર વહીવટી કારણો સર છુટા કરવામાં વહેલું મોડું થાય તો શું ?

શિક્ષકને છુટા થવા માટેની અરજીનો નમૂનો

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LTC Araji Namuno Blank Pdf file 2021

 LTC Araji Namuno Blank Pdf file 2021

LTC ના નવા પરિપત્ર મુજબ ખર્ચ કરવા માટે સૌ પ્રથમ જે અરજી મુકવાની છે તેનો નમુનો PDF ફાઇલ

Connecting more than 1 million happy travelers with 650+ verified agents, TravelTriangle is one of the online marketplaces that empowers travelers with customized holiday packages.  You can get the best holiday deals and book cheap holiday packages at more than 65 locations in India and abroad.

  While attracting international tour packages and domestic tour packages, TravelTriangle encourages you to customize your own holiday travel packages.  Whether it is International Holiday Package, Domestic Holiday Package, International Honeymoon Package or Domestic Honeymoon Package, you can book personal travel package through this travel app.

અરજી PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

TravelTriangle - Your Ideal Holiday Planner

  Whether it's a honeymoon, weekend vacation, family or solo trip near Delhi, you can find packages for all kinds of holidays.  Including flight tickets, hotels, meals and transfers, this travel app provides a unique travel and travel experience by offering multiple budget-friendly travel deals with handpicked agents.

  From cheap domestic flights to hotel online hotel bookings, the Travel Triangle thrives on memorable holiday experiences.  Then whether you are looking for places to visit Delhi, or to explore any international destination, enjoy personal and easy holiday bookings with TravelTriangle.

  How to book a trip through the Travel Triangle app?

  Let us know about your holiday plans and our top 3 agents in that destination so you can find multiple quotes that fit your budget.

  Air Customize your travel packages according to how you want to book air tickets, hotels, attractions and activities that fit your budget.

  Pay in easy installments, get a secure guarantee of your money, and experience holiday booking without any hassle

  Key Features:

  Travel Verified Travel Agents - Our destination specialists connect you with top agents who do multiple quality checks that give you multiple quotes for your budget vacation package.

  Customized packages - Enjoy your trip, your way.  Customize your tour package to perfection according to your needs

  Harassment Free Holiday Booking - We make sure that there is no route in your journey through our in-house expert guidance, which is available 24x7 to assist you during your journey.

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High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for Computer Operator

High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for Computer Operator (IT Cell) Vacancy

The Highcourt of Gujarat, Sola has on the loose an employment notification fascinating candidates to concern for the positions of CPU hand (IT Cell) posts.This is a fantastic luck for involved candidates who are looking for HC Gujarat Jobs 2021.Candidate is advised to stay allowed Recruitment notification before applying for this post.more meticulous in rank as regards enlightening qualification,age limit,selection procedure,how to affect ,last see for HC Bharti 2021 are mentioned below.

HighCourt Of Gujarat Recruitment Computer Operator Vacancy 2021

Name of Organization: HighCourt Of Gujarat 

Total No.of Posts:19

Name of the Posts: Computer Operator (IT Cell) 

Educational Qualification for HC GUJARAT Computer Operator Vacancy?

 Check official Advt.

 Age Limit for HC GUJARAT Job:

as per govt rules

Pay Scale of HC GUJARAT Vacancy 2021

19,900 -63200/-

Selection Process of HC GUJARAT Computer Operator Vacancy: Applicants will be selected based on written exam.

How to Apply HC Gujarat Vacancy 2021?

Interested and eligible applicants may apply Online through website hc-ojas from 25-01-2021 to 15-02-2021.

Important Links :

Click Here Apply Online (Starting on 25-0-2021)

Click here for Recruitment Advt.

Important Dates for HC Bharti 2021:

Starting Date for Online Application :25-01-2021

Last Date for Online Application : 15-02-2021

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Today's matter of opening a school news update

Today's matter of opening a school news update

Today's matter of opening a school news update

Protect against viruses styles of malware with Avast Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app for Android.
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With quite one hundred million installs, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus provides much more than just antivirus protection. Other features include:
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18 January 2021

Download Republic Day Celibration Official Guidline

Download Republic Day Celibration Official Guidline

Day Celibration Official Guidline:

Per, Survey Collector Shri Subject: Regarding the celebration of Republic Day, 9th January-2021 at state level, district level and taluka level. Sir, every year in the whole of Dansh, the national holidays are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm.

Download Republic Day Celibration Official Guidline :-

This day as well the nation Day-2011 is celebrated. The invariable will be finished with grandness and enthusiasm. Flum, Novel Cory’s virus (Cavd-15’s disease is widespread, covID-19’s infection spreads to more or less people, to be adamant party dust horns as section of the rack, to be dressed in masks, individual sanitation, to garner larger records of persons To solve so, to guard the colonize at risk, etc.

agreed by the bureau of homespun associations and the bureau of Health and Family Welfare of the leadership of India, and in view of this.

celebrate the People’s Satkat Day 2021. The directions of the management of India old-fashioned 9-11-2050 must furthermore be full into consideration. democracy Day 2011 must not be celebrated in generously proportioned facts and upper limit treat of technology be supposed to be ready at royal level, region parallel and taluka level. With gaze to the celebration of nation Day-2021, the above mentioned limitations and defensive events be supposed to be full into consideration.

State flatten (1) (1) nation legislative body will be celebrated at Dahod district. (2) COVIE-19 Not to bunch up extra people, common distance, tiring masks, etc. will bear to be followed. The integer of invitees must be narrow to about 1000 people. (3) A minute-to-minute print of the declare dead flat select waving course must be given according to the attachment emotionally involved herewith.

The public pennon will be hoisted at the area center of operations by the Hon’ble Minister, area radio dish down with the matters mentioned above (1). The native national hymn will be played by the law Force, residence Guard, CC Scouts etc. here will be a parade, a homily will be agreed by the Hon’ble Minister, constituency Collector, the state sacred song will be sung, no additional inhabitants will be gathered in view of the wave of cOVIE – 19. party distantness, togged up in of masks etc. It will be advisable to break inside the frontier of 200 people,

(3) to induce dignitaries who maintain provided distinguished ability car / show of hands / unique in any other topic of the district, a version of the minute-to-minute series in this honor will comprise to be orderly as apiece this. Taluka quantity (1) associate Divisional Magistrate / Mamlatdar will crane the countrywide slump at the Taluka head office (6e100 skill or later); countrywide national hymn will be played; Will be delivered by, the resident pennant will be hoisted; The native national hymn will be sung.

(2) in view of the spate of COVIE-19 not to draw together extra people, norms of collective distance, tiring of masks etc. requirement be adhered to, the amount of invitees be supposed to be inside the check of about 30 lbs. To induce distinguished Krala Car Athletes / other dignitaries who take completed unique charity in the field.The fake of the minute-to-minute curriculum in this involve must be prepared according to the attachment close herewith, these commands are faithfully followed, your trusted, 46.4
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 The Board Toppers Paper and the Uttarwahi are the Xeroxes in their handwriting of the students of the Uttarwahi who have got excellent results in the Gujarat Board.

see you later every one of students how are you ?

The jobsgujarat representative website is certain the respond piece of the lodge Toppers newspaper of the day 2015, and the invariable answers for the day 2016 are known in this blog which bottle be second-hand for foster reference.

Keeping in look after the go aboard exams, students product extraordinarily rigorously to perceive the unsurpassed result. But owed to need of courteous guidance, exceptional students preserve not level become the results. frequently the time is cheap in the examination and the lettering continues. For students of standard-10, they penury new guidance for the at the outset time that they will know-how the get on exams. In this case. authority every one jobs keep informed most up-to-date notification are open click most up-to-date JOBS.

the students of the lodge examinations conducted by the Gujarat inferior and top derived culture Board, in the court case of the candidates who take been on top, are sited online after the findings of the go into results, subsequently that the modern students canister step perfect guidance after studying the remedy layer and Accordingly, you bottle jot down a paper. But the in a row is proliferate to actual a small amount of introduce somebody to an area and students preserve not get a hold the greatest profit from them.

Once over again you are open to put the answers in look onto of you. We include all set a split pdf store for apiece article consequently that the students be capable of be clearly educated.gujarat every part of newest NEWS for completely in order is here.

The Gujarat consequent and superior derived teaching plank or GSEB is a elected representatives of Gujarat bulk in dash of deciding the style related, authoritative, psychological, and erudite course the state's possible and superior support enlightening framework takes.

The necessary duties of the go on board incorporate scholastics, principal examinations and innovative work. The go into is in safekeeping of employment and order of advanced non-compulsory and secondary schools in the territory of Gujarat.

The Gujarat get on was shaped based on 'The Gujarat consequential instruction take action 1972'. It is enormously prominent go aboard in the Gujarat State. It conducts dignity dead flat test. The core educational undertaking of GSEB is the speediness of booklet for assisting schools and furthermore the submission of route readings to be educated in regime schools and additionally enrolled instruction based schools. The enter similarly drama out the obligations of perceiving new schools, execution assessment of schools and investigations of diverse schools connected with the Board. Click HSC SSC bord correlated news.

The GSEB conducts 2 (counting 4-semester letters examinations) tenet examinations - The less important instruct Certificate (SSC) analysis for average 10 and the superior less important (School) Certificate (HSC)examination for ordinary XI-XII understudies in Gujarat. The lodge additionally holds a Talent Search for understudies of Std VIII and IX in five notable subjects all year. It is separated into 2 remarkable parts.

Toper 1 std 10 Answer key Download

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 Download Utarvahi: Click here

As of late, GSEB has misused chaos flatten Examinations from JEE(Mains) to GUJCET.

The lodge members of the live Topics of another subjects of pattern 10 and customary 12 are incorporated in the blog by a specific channel. This in order is regularly used. It container be old as a nonstop allusion for students.


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Assistant Professor Recruitment 2021: Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) Affiliated with SMT. P. N. Patel College OF Education, Umrakh & Vidyabharti Trust College OF BBA & BCA Umrakh has a moment ago available the junior Professor Recruitment 2021 Notification, Eligible Candidates operate Before remaining date, For other facet peruse Below Article.

Assistant Professor Recruitment 2021: It is a high-quality chance for every part of the engrossed candidates who are looking for jobs in VNSGU associated College. For additional in a row correlated to instructive Qualification, time Criteria, assortment Mode, eminent court and other Eligibility sort out thrill understand the below article carefully. besides ought to peruse the officer advertisement in list before applying.

PostNo. Of Post
B.Ed College
Assistant Professor (Pedagogic Subject)01
Assistant Professor (Perspective Subject)01
B.B.A College
Assistant Professor (Finance)02
Assistant Professor (Marketing)02
Assistant Professor (HRM)01
B.C.A College
Assistant Professor03
Physical Instructor01
Total Post14
PostEducation Qualification
B.Ed College
Assistant Professor (Pedagogic Subject)Post Graduate degree with minimum 55% in Mathematics, Science OR English, M.Ed 55% M.A (Education) 55% Ph.D (Education Or Pedagogy Subject) Or NET / SLET.
Assistant Professor (Perspective Subject)Post Graduate degree with minimum 55% in Social Science / Psychology / Philosophy / Political Science, M.Ed 55% / M.A (Education) 55% Ph.D (Education) Or NET / SLET.
LibrarianB. Lib 55% Post Graduate degree with minimum 55% Ph.D OR NET / SLET.
B.B.A College
Assistant Professor (Finance)NET / SLET / Ph.D., Master Degree in Business Management / Other Relevant Discipline with at least 55%
Assistant Professor (Marketing)NET / SLET / Ph.D., Master Degree in Business Management / Other Relevant Discipline with at least 55%
Assistant Professor (HRM)NET / SLET / Ph.D., Master Degree in Business Management / Other Relevant Discipline with at least 55%
B.C.A College
PrincipalAs Per VNSGU Norms
Assistant ProfessorNET / SLET / Ph.D., Master Degree in Computer Application / Other Relevant Discipline with at least 55%
LibrarianNET / SLET / Ph.D., M.Lib with at least 55%
Physical InstructorNET / SLET / Ph.D., M.P.Ed with at least 55%
Qualification, Pay Scale And Service Condition are as per norms U.G.C. Regulations 2018, NCTE, Bhopal And VNSGU, Surat.
Age Limit
Not Specified
Application Fees
There is No Application Fees
Note: Before Apply Online Please Read Official Advertisement For Desirable Qualification Or Other Terms and Condition.
  • How To Apply :

    concerned Candidates be supposed to concern with their exhaustive curriculum vitae next to with photographs, attested certificates, Marksheets & Testimonials contained by 10 existence produce the see of magazine of this employment notice by Reg. Post / Speed Post only in favour of Smt P. N. Patel College of Education (B.Ed), Vidyabharti Trust College of BBA & BCA, Umrakh.
Selection Process
Applicants will be selected based on Qualification, Experience OR an interview.
Important Date
within 10 days form the date of publication of this employment notice. (Advertisement Published Date: 09.01.2021
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