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7 November 2022

This one dish will clear any frozen phlegm, cough or cold within two days.

This one dish will clear any frozen phlegm, cough or cold within two days.

Nowadays people are more happy to eat fried and spicy food, because of this our life style is changing, we are doing a lot of efforts and medicines to remove all those diseases but many diseases are not removed from our body but all those diseases. 

This remedy should be done to remove.

If you get phlegm, cough or cold in your body then this home remedy should be used to remove it. 

To make this desi remedy, four spoons of millet flour, one spoon of ghee and two spoons of desi jaggery are to be taken along with ginger and cinnamon powder.

After that firstly one and a half glass of water is to be put in a vessel and jaggery is to be heated in it and in another vessel, ghee is to be heated and when the ghee is heated, millet flour is to be added to it and it is to be cooked on a slow flame and when this is done, jaggery water is added to it with a ladle. 

Strain and stir immediately.

After that, you can put small pieces of ginger or grated ginger on it and also add cinnamon powder, then let this raab cook for a while and eat it, all the phlegm in your body will disappear.

So if you have cold, cough or phlegm, if this raab is eaten daily, the phlegm and cold in your body will be removed. 

So, you should do native home remedies to get rid of chronic diseases in your body.

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