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6 November 2022

If you eat a spoonful of this special recipe known as a blood-making machine, you will not suffer from blood loss for life.

Blood is essential for our body to function properly. If the amount of blood in the body decreases even a little, then there is a risk of many diseases.

Lack of blood also causes problems like anemia. If your body is anemic, then you may face problems like tiredness, weakness, weakness even after getting enough sleep.

Anemia is usually caused by a lack of red blood cells and iron. Which is known as the problem of anemia. Which is most visible in women. When a person is suffering from this problem, his skin loses its luster and the face starts looking lifeless.

So in today's article, we are going to talk to you about one such remedy which is known as Blood Making Machine.

Just by using it the blood will be completely clean and its deficiency will also go away. By keeping the blood clean with this, you will not be at risk of getting skin diseases. So let's know what is this recipe.

Ingredients:- One spoon cumin, apple cider vinegar, one spoon honey, two glasses of water.

Friends, you must be aware that cumin is mostly used in the kitchen. It works to enhance the taste of food. However, let us tell you that by using cumin, you can also get rid of health related problems. It also removes the problem of blood. So let's know how to use it.

Method of preparation:- To make this recipe, first put cumin seeds in a pan and soak it overnight. Now wake up in the morning and put that water on the gas to heat it. Now when it boils well, take it off the gas and filter it. Then add vinegar and honey to it and consume it.

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