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22 October 2022

Try these 5 home remedies to get rid of back dryness in winter


How To a Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Back In a English: Many types of a skin related a problems start in a winter. In this season the skin becomes dry due to a cold winds. People whose skin is an already dry, their problem gets a worse in a winters. Sometimes even after applying lotions and a creams, the skin looks dry. In winter, along with the face of a many a people, the skin of the back also becomes dry. Due to this, there may also be a problem of a rashes and an itching on the back. If you are also struggling with this a problem in a winter, then you can a get rid of a back dryness with a some home remedies. So let's know an about them -

Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe vera

You can use aloe vera gel to a get rid of a back dryness in a winters. Aloe vera a hydrates the skin from the inside, thereby an eliminating the problem of a rashes and itching. For this, mix some rose water in aloe vera gel. After bath, apply it on the a back and massage. Both these a things have a moisturizing properties, due to a which the problem of a dryness will go a away soon.

Glycerin - Glycerine

You can also use a glycerin to a remove back dryness. It has an emollient a properties, which get an absorbed inside the skin. If you have a dryness and itching problem on your back, then mix a rose water in glycerin. Apply it on your back and leave it for some time. If you feel more sticky on the skin, then you can wash it off with water after a some time.


You can also use a milk to a remove dryness of the skin. Milk contains fat, which a helps a moisturize the skin. If you are troubled by dry skin of the back in a winters, then break vitamin E capsules in milk, apply it on your a body before taking a bath and a massage. After that take a bath with a lukewarm water. Doing this  a regularly will a make the skin a soft and a dryness an away.


Honey is very a beneficial for dry skin. Honey has a moisturizing a properties, which gives a moisture to the skin. To a remove dryness of the back, mix ghee in a honey. Massage it by an applying it on the back before a taking a bath. After that take a bath with a lukewarm water. By doing this a regularly, the dryness of the back will go away a soon.


If you want to a get rid of dry skin of the back, then you can use curd. Yogurt a contains an ingredients like antioxidants and lactic acid. It helps to a heal the skin by a removing dryness. To a remove the a dryness of the back, apply curd on the back and massage it with light a hands. After that wash off with water. By doing this a your skin will become a soft.

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