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24 February 2023

Make this paste once. Gas and Acidity will disappear forever.

Make this paste once. Gas and Acidity will disappear forever.

Friends, nowadays people are very disturbed by the problem of gas.

In which especially people who have low digestive power cannot digest food quickly.
For such people, if the food is digested, then the food can be digested by using Churna.

Especially this gas problem is seen after eating.
Most of the time the gas occurs in the upper side so it affects the heart and the part of the head that causes headaches.
Sometimes heart attack also occurs.

The cause of gas is due to food not being digested well and also due to any malfunction in the body.
Many people have gas problem permanently so we will use a mortar to remove it.

Friends, you should make this Churna today and use it.
Mix cumin, black pepper, cardamom and sugar in it and make a powder.
Cumin plays an important role in the digestion of food.
After that, the problem of acidity can be removed by taking black pepper.

Then the cardamom in it is also an important contribution in removing gas and constipation in the body.
Apart from that, food gets digested well.
The use of this powder is very beneficial for the body.
This Churna should be made at home.
Take everything equally in it, only take half of the cardamom.

Making this curd and using it with curd relieves gas.
Using this remedy by mixing this powder with curd 1 hour before meals can remove gas and constipation.
People who have gas problems get rid of it by using it in the morning and evening.

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