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3 November 2022

Assembly elections Date, Assembly election date announced

1 Dec. and 5 Dec. Gujarat Election, 8 Dec. Result, 4 crore 90 lakh voters will elect 182 MLAs

Gujarat assembly election dates have been awaited for a long time, which has come to an end today..Today the election of Gujarat has been announced in the press conference of Election Commission. The Election Commission has announced the Gujarat election by holding a press conference today. The first phase of voting in Gujarat is scheduled to be held on December 1 and the second phase on December 5. Gujarat election results will be announced on December 8. The Himachal Pradesh election results will also be announced on December 8. The Election Commission at the beginning of the press conference expressed grief over the tragedy in Morbi.

Highlights of the press conference

The commission said that 3.4 lakh new voters took advantage of the revised nomination deadline, now these people will be able to vote this time. He would have qualified for the post-1 January 2023 election if the Election Commission had not revised the nomination date. Facilities like drinking water, ramp, toilet, waiting room will be provided at all polling stations, all polling stations will be on ground floor. New Experiment – ​​Special observers will be stationed at each polling station and will monitor special facilities for senior citizens, disabled etc.

- 1274 Special Women Polling Stations - Only women police officers and women election staff will be there.

- 182 polling stations will be manned by disabled election staff only.

- There will be 33 polling stations in Gujarat, one in each district in which the youngest staff i.e. recently recruited election officers-staff will be on duty.

- 80 km. Had to come from far away - Now a polling station will be set up in a shipping container - 283 voters

- A staff of 15 people will go to take 1 vote - Special arrangements will be made in the boat for 457 voters of Jafarabad's Shaalboat.

- Special polling facility for Sidi community people- Madhavpur-Gir area has more than 200 voters

- Postal ballot facility will be provided for Senior Citizens above 80 years of age - Handicapped - PWD - People who cannot come to polling station.

- 9.89 lakh senior citizen voters above 80 years of age are in Gujarat.

- Special facility for 4.08 lakh PWD (Disabled) voters - From parking to priority in voting - PWD and above 80-year-old voters will be able to get special facilities at the polling station by booking on the PWD app.

- There were 700 transgender voters in 2017 which increased by 100% now, 1417 transgender voters are now, total over 44 thousand transgender voters in the country

New electors added : EC

Rajeev Kumar said that the voter list has become public. New voters have been added. Errors have been corrected. An awareness campaign has been launched to increase voter turnout in cities. As many as 3.24 lakh new voters have been added in Gujarat. 2022 booths in Gujarat have been found to have the lowest turnout. Public awareness programs will be conducted by the commission to increase voting at these booths.

Voting at home will be facilitated by: EC

The Election Commission said during a press conference that for people above 80 years of age, disabled or infected with Covid-19 who want to vote but cannot come to the polling booth, the Commission will facilitate voting at the homes of such voters.

The tenure of the Gujarat Assembly is ending on February 23

There are total 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. 40 seats are reserved in it. 13 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) and 27 seats for Scheduled Tribes (ST). In 2017, BJP formed the government with an absolute majority. In the 2017 elections, the BJP won 99 seats while the Congress won 77 seats. While BTP won 2 seats and independent won 4 seats

Arrangement of Ballot Paper: EC

The Chief Election Commissioner said that postal ballot facility will be provided to the elderly and disabled voters. The entire process will be videographed to ensure fairness.

Fake news will also be monitored: EC

The Chief Election Commissioner also advised the media to publish news after checking the facts and said that fake news will be controlled.

In 2017, Gujarat assembly elections were announced on 25 October 2017. In the first phase, voting for 89 assembly seats was held in 19 districts on December 9 and in the second phase, voting was held in 14 districts for 93 assembly seats on December 14.

Big challenge for BJP in Gujarat

BJP has been in power in Gujarat for more than 25 years. Apart from this, two big leaders of the party, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, are from Gujarat. In these circumstances, there is a complete possibility that BJP government will come here again. However, this time it is difficult for the party to repeat the government. The party is on the back foot on the issue of employment and farmers.

Final voter list announced

The Election Commission has prepared the final voter list, in which according to the details of the Election Commission, a total of 4 crore 90 lakh 89 thousand 765 voters have been registered in Gujarat, which figure was earlier 4 crore 83 lakh 75 thousand 821 voters. Also, according to the list of the commission, more than 2 lakh 68 thousand male voters have been registered. While more than 1 lakh 93 thousand women voters have been registered, also 4 lakh 61 thousand 494 voters have been added to the special electoral roll reform programme.

11,800 voters above 100 years of age in Gujarat

In a press conference, Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that this time we are focusing on disabled women, senior citizens and new voters. Also appealed to the voters of Gujarat to vote and said that there are 934 women for every 1000 men in Gujarat. In Gujarat, 11,800 voters are above 100 years of age

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