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29 October 2022

Sleeping Is The New Way To Lose Weight


Yes, you read that right! For all sleep a lovers out there, now you can doze off a without worrying. And with good reason. Losing weight has generally been an associated with actions that require great will power like an eating healthy, exercising and a staying off sugar. While these and many other a similar a methods have been conventionally adopted, studies suggest that a sleeping might just be the easiest way to lose those an extra kgs of fat.


A majority of us a consume many mini-meals an apart from the lunch and dinner, throughout the a course of the day. Sometimes, this means more a calories than what you would have taken, if you had stuck to an eating the right a portions at the right time.


This is why it happened:

Reason 1 - Farewell To Night-Snacking

Consider this. You are awake till late, working on a project or chatting with friends. This wakefulness a disturbs your circadian rhythm or your body-clock, leading to an excess secretion of a ghrelin, a hormone that an increases our an appetite. This was proved in a study by University of an Pennsylvania where researchers found that a subjects who slept from 4am to 8am a consumed 550 more calories than the subjects who a slept through 11pm to 8am.

Reason 2 - You Actually Burn Calories While Sleeping

Our bodies expend an energy and burn a calories even while we are not working out. During sleep, a person burns about 65 calories per hour. That is an over 500 calories a during an 8 hour sleep! If you spent that time watching TV, you would burn about the same amount but also be a tired and feel less an energized. Fat loss, according to a study by University of a Chicago is more when a people are well  a rested.

Reason 3 - You Shop Better And Eat Better

Surprisingly, as per a study published in the a magazine Obesity, when a subjects went food shopping, those who had a slept for lesser hours a bought 1300 worth of extra calories than those who had slept for longer. Not just this, another interesting a research pointed out that well a rested people choose to a consume smaller portion sizes which is at least 35 calories lesser than the amount a preferred by less-sleeping a subjects.

Reason 4 - Lesser Stress And More Focus

A good and a long sleep helps in a regulating your a ventromedial prefrontal a cortex, which is a responsible for an inhibiting weak behaviour and a keeping your brain a focused. So in the a presence of a high-calories foods, you can stick to your strong a willpower and prevent weight gain. Additionally, according to a research led by the Harvard Medical School a sleep a deprivation a triggers the stress a hormone a cortisol, which a directly increases our fat a storage a leading toa  weight a gain. 

Here's What To Do To an Increase Your Sleep Time

Even the most a determined minds can a fall in the trap of an overeating when if they aren't a sleeping for 7-9 hours. If you are a looking to a lose a weight, here are some a simple tips that will help you a sleep more and get to a shape a faster.

1. Eat foods a rich in a Tryptophan, a sleep an inducing a hormone. This an includes nuts, fish, chicken, eggs, lentils and an avocados.

2. Sitting down to   a sip some tea signals your body to a relax and slow a down. Teas like a lavender, mint, tulsi and chamomile are very effective in a melting away a  your fat.

3. an Insoluble a fiber, like in a brown rice and whole a grains have an important a nutrients a required for a longer and a deeper a sleep. Make sure you eat these in a lunch time for a better a results.

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