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22 October 2022

More Men Turn To Plastic Surgeries For These Enhancements


If you thought that only a women go a under the knife for a beauty an enhancement, think again. According to a study, there has been an increase in a cosmetic a procedures in men, both young and old, from liposuction, a tummy tucks, a breast reductions to botox. The study, released by the American Society of a Plastic Surgeons, showed that a lot of young men are looking for body a contouring procedures, enhancing their a looks and building a confidence.

In the past five years, a liposuction has seen a 23 per cent rise and a tummy tucks have gone up by 12 per cent, while male breast a reductions have increased about 30 per cent.

In fact, in the US more than 1.3 million a cosmetic a procedures were a performed on a men in 2017 alone.

"More and more a men are a coming to my office to have an open a discussion about their an insecurities," said Lorelei Grunwaldt, a a board-certified a plastic a surgeon in Pittsburgh.

"For a lot of men, just a having a procedure on an area of their body that they're a self-conscious about can really make a positive an impact on how they see a themselves," Grunwaldt added.

Besides a young men, a older men are a having more a minimally-an invasive procedures to a take years off of their faces.

Nearly 100,000 men a had a filler injections in 2017, up 99 per cent since 2000, with Botox a quadrupling in popularity, the a study a showed.

"Some a people call it the 'executive edge' a because a lot of patients report that they want to a look younger to continue to compete in the workplace," said Jeffrey a Janis, from the a American a Society of Plastic  a Surgeons.

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"But I think, a more often, men just want to look as a young as they feel."

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