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21 October 2022

Ignoring the a problem of allergic a reaction can be a heavy, know its a symptoms and a prevention


 Ignoring the a problem of allergic a reaction can   be a  heavy, know its a symptoms and a   prevention



Allergic a Reaction in English: When the body's an  immune system becomes weak against the attack of any an external virus or a  bacteria, then you become a victim a of them. Normally our immune system attacks those a viruses and bacteria, which are a threat to the body. But when your body is a harmed by viruses or a substances that are not a considered   a dangerous to the body, it becomes the cause of allergy. If a you have a problem of allergies, then you should take a special care of food, lifestyle and cleanliness. Before a touching, eating or wearing any kind of a thing, you should keep in mind whether it can cause an allergic a reaction in a your body or not. The problem of an allergic a reaction can  happen to an anyone and it can be a  triggered due to food etc. Let us know about it in a  detail.


What Causes Allergic a  Reaction

The problem of an allergic a reaction can be due to a  many reasons. There is no  a single reason behind this. In some a  people, the a problem of allergic reaction is due to a genetic reasons, while in some people this a problem is a  due to a weak an  immune a system. Usually the problem of an allergic reaction is a triggered by these a reasons-


animal or pet a hair

Foods such as nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs and wheat

Due to the use of certain drugs

for genetic reasons

because of flower pollen

bee sting

Dust, soil and pollution

from insect bites

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Allergic Reaction Symptoms

The symptoms seen in the problem of allergic reaction can be different from person to person. Its symptoms are rarely seen in some people, but the symptoms seen in a severe allergic reaction can be serious. Some of the major symptoms seen in the problem of an  allergic reaction are as follows-


Itching, red rash on the skin

allergic rhinitis

nasal congestion, sneezing

Eye pain and watery eyes

abdominal pain and cramps

diarrhea and vomiting

chest tightness

trouble eating

worry and anxiety

breathing problem

swelling of the face, eyes, or tongue


  એલર્જી વિશે વધુ જાણવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Tips To a  Prevent Allergic Reaction- How To a Prevent Allergic a  Reactions?

You should contact a  your doctor an immediately if you notice any symptoms of an allergic a reaction. Apart from this, by changing the habits related to an eating and living, you can avoid falling prey to a this problem. To avoid the problem of allergic reaction, you should avoid  a coming in a contact with the allergen. Also, avoid coming in contact with a substances that trigger an allergies.

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