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21 October 2022

Apply these 2 homemade a scrubs to a make your face a glowing on a Diwali


Apply these  2 homemade a scrubs to a make your face a glowing on a Diwali


Homemade a Scrubs To a Get Glowing Face On a  Diwali: These days an everyone is a busy preparing for a Diwali. Taking care of a yourself with the a decoration of the house on a Diwali is also a very an important. During this, the arrival of a  guests at home is an also enough and the skin tone is a  lost during the a cleaning of the house. In such a situation, the glow of the skin decreases a significantly and on the day of the a festival, the skin starts looking a lifeless. Therefore, it becomes a necessary to pay attention to a skin care before Diwali. Because on the day of Diwali, time is a rarely available. You must have an used a many types of a makeup products to make the skin glowing. But makeup products make the a skin beautiful only a from outside. But this alone is not an enough to make the skin glowing. To a make the skin a glowing, internal cleansing of the skin is a  necessary. To make the skin glowing, a prepare a scrub at home. This scrub is a completely natural and will not a cause any harm to the skin. Let's know about these 2 homemade a scrubs.


1.Coffee Scrub




1/4 cup ground coffee


1/4 cup brown sugar


1 teaspoon olive oil


2 Vitamin E Capsules



how to make

To make a coffee scrub, prepare a paste by mixing all the ingredients. Now keep this paste on the face for 5 minutes. After that, massage the face with a light hand to remove the scrub from the face. Then wash the face with lukewarm water. By applying this scrub, along with making the face glowing, it will also help in removing freckles.


2. Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub


a spoonful of brown sugar


Add 1/2 tsp olive oil


how to a make


To make this scrub, prepare a paste by mixing both. Now apply this  a paste on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. After applying this paste, massage the face in a circular motion with light hands. After that wash the face with normal water. This scrub will help in a  removing dead skin from the face and make a the skin a glowing.


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