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13 October 2022

Good Credit safe loan

Easy to use, safe, suitable for you.

Excellent software awaits you, online financial services, to meet your needs.

🚩 Product introduction:
❗Instant Secure online loans up to ₹200,000
❗Interest rate: annual interest rate 2.9%-26%
❗Annual interest rate: 26%
❗Borrowing date from 95 days to 365 days

Good Credit does not directly participate in lending activities, but only provides a platform to facilitate registered non-bank financial companies (NBFC) or banks to lend users

One of our primary partner NBFCs – SHIKSHA FINANCIAL SERVICES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a Systemically Important NBFC within the group companies carrying the Good Credit brand.

🚩 Qualifications:
1. Residents of India
2. Over 18 years old
3. Fixed monthly income source

🚩 Steps for Secure online loan:
1. Download Good Credit and install it.
2. Fill in the information form.
3. Upload KYC files.
4. Loan approval.
5. Receive money in your bank account

🚩 Good Credit loan fee:
For example, if the loan amount is ₹5,000, the annual interest rate is 24%, and the useful life is 95 days, the total repayment amount is ₹5312 and the interest payable is as follows: ₹5,000 * 24% / 365 * 95 = ₹312.


State Vacant post for waitlist candidate - Phase III


District wise vacant post for waitlist candidate - Phase III


School wise vacant post for waitlist candidate - Phase III


🚩 Good Credit loan app features:
-Assist in checking credit history
-Aadhaar, PAN card and face only

🚩 Documents Required to avail an Secure online loan:

🚩 How is Good Credit different from other software?
-Living expenses: Use Good Credit to pay for daily living expenses.
-Play: Use Good Credit to explore more beautiful life and improve quality.
-Medical expenses: Good Credit will help you deal with medical expenses.
-Rent: When you need to pay rent at the end of the month, please use Good Credit to solve.

🚩 Safety
Your data is safe. The application is transferred via a secure HTTPS connection, and we will not share it with anyone without your consent. All transactions are protected using encryption technology. We provide loans in a safe and reliable way.

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