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4 October 2022

Subh Muhurat: From Dussehra to Diwali

Subh Muhurat: From Dussehra to Diwali, auspicious muhurtas for registering, buying books, worshiping weapons and worshiping vehicles

Dussehra: The festival of victory of good over evil elements

With only 20 days left for Diwali, make purchases at this auspicious time to make the year 2079 more rewarding, successful and auspicious.

The festival of Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil in today's times. Evil can take any form, such as untruth, revenge, envy, grief, laziness, etc. Removal of any internal evil is also self-conquest and may we remove such evil around you and celebrate it as Vijayadashami festival every year, so that one day you will conquer all senses. Let's celebrate Dussehra with the victory of good conduct over bad conduct. Dussehra is generally celebrated as a victory festival. Everyone's belief in the celebration is different. For farmers it is a celebration of the arrival of new crops. In ancient times, tools and weapons were worshiped on this day, as they were a sign of victory in war, but the main reason for all this is Achai's victory over evil. For the farmers, the joy of growing crops in the form of the fruits of this labor and for the soldiers, the joy of victory over the enemy in war means Vijayadashami. Dussehra offerings are made on this day in some families. According to Kishan Girishbhai Joshi, an astrologer with Sridhar Panchang of Bhavnagar, the auspicious time for buying a vehicle on Dussehra day and for Shastrapujan and Vahanpujan.....

Lord Sriram Ashwin Shukla Dasami killed the Lankan king Ravana, who had kidnapped his wife Sita. According to mythology, Ravana died on Dashami after a fierce battle and Sri Rama conquered Lanka, hence the day is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. At the same time Maa Durga fought a fierce battle with Mahishasura for 10 days and was killed on Ashwin Shukla Dashami. This is also why it is celebrated as Vijayadashami. Both of these symbolize the victory of good over evil and religion over injustice.

How Shastrapuja is performed?

According to belief, there is a tradition of Shastrapuja on Dussehra day. On this day, weapons are collected for worship and purified by sprinkling Ganga water on them. Then it is worshiped with haldal, kanku, rice. Shami leaves are also used in Shastra Puja, hence Shami tree is also worshiped on this day.

How is Dussehra Puja performed?

After completing the morning routine, worship Maa Durga. On 9th Vijayadashami, do the Paranas of Visharan and Navratri. In the morning in the northeast corner, clean the ground with Ganga water and worship with sandalwood, kanku and ashtadal lotus. Worship the shami tree, circumambulate it, then take some soil from the shami tree and keep it in the house, all kinds of negative energy is removed. Worshiping Shami increases longevity, health and strength and destroys sins.

Why is vehicle purchase done on Dussehra day?

Dussehra means Vijayadashami. Vijayadashami is considered as an auspicious occasion in the scriptures. It is considered auspicious to buy vehicles on such an auspicious day. Vehicles purchased on this day are auspicious.

Diwali is only 20 days away. It's a little night, Vesh Jaja!! Devotees observe Navratri according to different rules. The situation of recession is increasing and everyone is worried about how to celebrate Diwali? Following are the auspicious moments to make 2079 more beneficial, successful and auspicious. In Shubh Muhurta, the business class vs. Will also register and purchase books for the year 2079. Before going to buy the book of omens, the trader should light a ghee lamp to Ganesha, the giver of success, after eating the omens and place the order of the book or go to buy the book. This year, the businessmen will perform the generation muhurat in the auspicious Choghadiya in Nutan Varsha, Labha Pancham and Satame Shub Muhurat. The following are the auspicious times for registering books, buying books, worshiping weapons and worshiping vehicles. An excellent day for worshiping Shami, Shastra, horse and vehicle etc. and an excellent day for registering or buying books or starting any new work can be said to be the best time to buy new year books.

Dated 21/10/2022 Friday Aso Vad 11 Rama Ekadashi, Vaghbarash

Dt. 22/10/2022 Saturday Aso Vad 13 Dhanteras Vaar from 08.04 Dhanvantarijayanti, Deepdan, Dhanpuja, Dhanpuja Shriyantrapuja auspicious time to buy or bring books

Dated 23/10/2022 Sunday Aso Vad 14 o'clock Kali Chaudas Rupa Narak Shri Hanuman Ji Puja Deepdan Kaalbhairavapuja Naivedya Din

This complete article has been provided by Kishan Girishbhai Joshi, an astrologer with Shridhar Panchanga of Bhavnagar.

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