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20 September 2022

Big changes in cricket rules: ICC's big announcement, 8 rules to come into effect from October 1

Big changes in cricket rules: ICC's big announcement, 8 rules to come into effect from October 1

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has announced some major changes in cricket from October 1.

Big changes in cricket rules: ICC's big announcement. 8 rules will be applicable from October 1

ICC has made major changes in cricket.

Mankding will no longer be considered 'unfair play' but will be known as a runout

8 new rules implemented in cricket.

Some old rules have been repealed

Prohibition on policing by spitting on the ball has been announced

ICC is coming up with some important changes in all people's favorite sport cricket. ICC – International Cricket Council has made many changes in the game of cricket, implemented 8 new rules in the game of cricket and canceled some old rules.

Eight rules have changed in your favorite game of cricket

The International Cricket Council has banned spitting on the ball, saying that the player can make the ball shine with his sweat.

The new batsman used to get three minutes after the first batsman was dismissed. Instead, now the new batsman has to take a strike in two minutes in Tests and ODIs. While in T20 the time limit is 90 seconds if the batsman fails to do so he will be declared out.

If a batsman is caught out, the new batsman will come on strike. Even though both the batsmen have changed pitch earlier, the new batsman has to face the next ball.

The batsman has to play the shot while staying inside the crease. If the batsman's bat or any part of his body goes off the pitch while playing the shot, it is not considered a run. That ball will be called a dead ball. Also any ball that forces it to leave the pitch will be a no-ball.

If a player makes any movement before the bowler throws the ball, it will be considered a dead ball and the batting team will get 5 runs as penalty.

As per the earlier rule, if a batsman advanced before the bowler reached the crease, the bowler had a chance to run him out and run out, but now in this situation the ball will be considered a dead ball.

You all may remember R Ashwin's run out of Buttler in IPL. Mankading has now been transferred from the category of unfair play to run out. Mankading will now be considered a normal run out.

A new rule was introduced in T20 from January 2022, which requires overs to be completed in a fixed time. In case of over-delay, the fielding team has to keep the fielder inside the 30 yard circle. Now this rule will be applied in ODI cricket as well. This rule will be applicable from ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Super League 2023 onwards.

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