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26 August 2022

Vastu information / Check if your home is in harmony with the laws of Nature

Check if your home is in harmony with the laws of Nature

Vastu Compass - If you want to improve the quality of your life, then our Vastu Compass app is just the app to use. In a few simple steps you can check if your current home or new home is VASTU compliant.

Vastu Compass can help you to build or convert your home into a place harmonious with Nature that enhances harmony, prosperity and love of life.

Those who live in Vastu compliant home enjoy better mental and physical health, attain more success and experience greater spiritual lives.

  • The north side of the house should never be high
  • Do not throw garbage in the north direction
  • No water flow in a southerly direction

With Vastu Compass you can:

- Find detailed Vastu information about each direction in your home (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest)

- Recognize the correct placement for each room or interior area in your home as per Vastu guidelines

- Read detailed Vastu information about each room and interior area in your home

- Learn about Vastu guidelines for the main entrance, one of the most important factors in Vastu design

- Get the answers you are seeking on your questions about Vastu Shastra

How to use Vastu Compass to find the detailed Vastu information about each direction in your home:

Stand in the centre of your home, although it is not required, and hold the mobile parallel to the floor. Press any of the letters on the compass to read more information for a given direction. For example, if you would like to know more about the North direction, tap the letter 'N' on the face of the compass.

How to use Vastu Compass to check Vastu for the various interior areas in your home:
Stand in the centre of your place and hold the mobile parallel to the floor. Point the arrow towards the selected area. The colour of the arrow and the colour and shape of the hand indicator changes accordingly to whether Vastu for the selected area in a given direction is favourable, neutral or un-favourable. To read more detailed information swipe to the right.

The Vastu Compass app is built on the concepts of Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian Science of holistic design that guides us in creating homes that are in tune with Nature, aligning them with the Earthly and Cosmic energies of this Universe.

Because the laws of Nature apply everywhere, Vastu Shastra applies everywhere, too. Wherever you live, your home can work in harmony with Nature, improving your life, increasing your happiness, and empowering your mind!

તમારા ઘરમાં પૈસો ટકતો નથી તો વાસ્તુ ટિપ્સ ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

🏠 In This is Application We Shared Jyotish Home Vastu Shastra Complete Information In Hindi And English Langguage Based Worldwide. Best Vastu Shastra App for Home Vastu, Makan Vastu, Office Vastu, Flat Vastu Shastra. All Important And Basic Topics Covered Related Home Vastu Like Rooms, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Main Entry Gate, Important Things Places As Right Directions. 

Topics Covered :

o Vastu Shastra Of Home,Office And Flat

o Vastu Shastra in Hindi

o Hindu Panchang Calander

o Vastu Shastra Anusar Ghar

o Vastu Shastra Feng Shui

o Rahu Kaal Time List

o Vastu Shastra Astrology

o Vastu Shastra Architecture 

o Vastu Shastra Pdf

o Vastu Dosh Niwaran

o Hindi Vastu Shastra Gyan

o Vastu Shatra In Hindi For Home

o Shubh Ashubh Choghadiya List

you will get more information about Vastu Shastra in the Hindi Language. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and construction. Here you can get many types of Vastu Shastra tips like – Home Office Shop Vastu Upay. Also, get the Main door Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Study room Guest room Dining table Vastu tips. You can use this app online as well as offline also.

Vastu Shastra is a stream of science which help you to adjust your home for a better fortune and luck. There are many forms of Vastu Shastra which are used during building the home, Makaan Astrology Jyotish, decorating the home, during Interior Design and while managing the home for better luck. Even the renowned Architect and Interior Designers follows the Vastu Shastra and Fengshui while preparing the layout and plans. Proper Use of Vastu Shastra brings happiness, Fortune, Luck, Money to the family and home.

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