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8 July 2022

Dairy Farm Sahay Yojana 2022 Gujarat Apply Online

Dairy Farm Sahay Yojana 2022 Gujarat Apply Online  : 5 lakh for setting up of new dairy farm through this scheme. Assistance is available until. The benefits of Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme can be availed in four ways. Pastoralists can set up a dairy farm by purchasing up to 12 or 50 milch cattle (Kankraj and Gir cows) through this scheme.

Who can avail the benefit of this Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme ?, How to fill up the form ?, Do you need documents ?, What assistance will be given under this scheme? And other complete information is given in this article.

Dairy Farm Sahay Yojana

This scheme is a scheme under the Animal Husbandry Scheme started by the Government of Gujarat. The main objective of this scheme is to give importance to the business of pastoralists and to make pastoralists self-reliant. Smallholders can take advantage of this scheme to set up their own new dairy farm.

Benefits of Dairy Farm Sahay Yojana

Thus, there are two schemes of dairy farm assistance. Dairy farms can be set up for 12 animals through the first scheme and up to 50 animals through the second scheme. The benefits to be availed by both the schemes are as under:

  • Either the loan made by the bank for the purchase of cattle or the unit amount fixed by NABARD, whichever is less, will be eligible for interest subsidy for five years for five years.
  • 50% of the construction cost of the dairy farm as per the prescribed criteria or a maximum of Rs. 500,000 (five lakhs) whichever is less will be eligible for assistance.
  • The breeder will have to take three years insurance of the animals at a time, for which a maximum of Rs. 150,000 / - will be eligible for assistance.
  • 3% of unit cost (Rs. 50,000) on electric chaffcutter. 30,000, for Fogger unit (Rs. 20,000 / -) at a rate of 5% up to a maximum of Rs. 2,500 / - and 5% of unit cost (Rs. 5,000) on milking machine up to a maximum of Rs. 2,50 / - will be available as assistance.


Benefits for 15 Milk Dairy Farm Establishment Assistance Scheme:

  • 12.5% ​​interest subsidy for general category beneficiaries for 5 (five) years on bank loan obtained for purchase of 12 milch cattle, and 2.5% interest subsidy for women, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes beneficiaries, maximum 15% for Gir / Kankraj Interest will be assisted.
  • 50% maximum assistance of Rs. 1.50 lakh on construction of kettle shed, 2% maximum Rs. 2.5 lakh assistance will be provided.
  • 5% maximum assistance of Rs. 2,500 / - on three years insurance premium for livestock, 50% maximum on Gir / Kankraj 21,50 / - will be provided.
  • 3% of unit cost on electric chaff cutter, fogger system and milking machine with a maximum of Rs. 15,000 / -, Rs. 5,000 / -, and Rs. 2,50 / - for assistance and 50% of the unit cost for Gir / Kankraj, maximum Rs. 31,200 / -, Rs. 10,500 / - and Rs. 20,200 / - will be provided. 


Eligibility for Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme

You must have the following qualifications if you want to take advantage of the Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme.

  • The applicant should be from Gujarat state.
  • To get interest assistance through this scheme, the loan should have been taken in the year 205-2.
  • In order to avail the benefits of this scheme, the pastoralist / self-help group has to apply on i-khedut portal after getting the loan approval from the Reserve Bank approved financial institution / bank.
  • Pastoralists will have to apply online to avail the benefits of this scheme. 

Document required for Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme - Dairy farm sahay yojana Document

The following documents are required to avail this scheme.

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account pass book
  • Example of race
  • Ration card
  • Mobile number
  • Land extraction of 7/12
  • Certificate of Disability if applicant farmer is disabled (only if applicable)
  • Copy of Forest Rights Letter if applicant Beneficiary is from Tribal Area (only if applicable)
  • Consent form of other farmer in case of joint account holder in agricultural land 7-12 and 8-A (only if applicable)
  •  Details of the applicant farmer if he is a member of the co-operative society (only if applicable)
  • Information if applicant farmer is a member of Milk Producers Association (only if applicable)


How to apply for Dairy Farm Assistance Scheme?

The Dairy Farm Sahay Yojana Online Form Process is as follows:

  • The first beneficiary opened the website Then click on “Plan”.
  • Then "Animal Husbandry Scheme" will have to be opened on Sr. No. 3.
  • In the present situation, on No. 77/9, respectively, "Assistance Scheme for Establishment of Dairy Farms of 20 Dairy Cattle (Kankrej and Gir Cows) for Self-Employment Purpose" / "Assistance Scheme for Establishment of 15 Dairy Farms for Self-Employment Animal Husbandry".
  • Clicking on which will open the next New Page.
  • Now you will be asked if you are a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered you have to say "yes" and if you have not done so you have to say "no".
  • If you have registered earlier as a farmer, you have to apply by entering Captcha Image after entering Aadhaar card number and mobile number.
  • If the beneficiary is not registered on i-farmer portal, select 'No'.
  • Now the online application form of "Animal Husbandry Scheme" will open. After filling in the complete information, click on save application button.
  • Then you have to confirm the application by checking the refilled details. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no improvement or increase in the application.
  • The beneficiary will be able to get a printout based on his / her application after applying online. After getting the print, signature-coins have to be issued.
  • Finally, the beneficiary has to upload the required document on ikhedut Portal. 


You can check the status of the form to check if the form you have filled has been filled.

  • To know the status of your form, first go to this link:
  • Then what kind of plan status would you like to see on that page? And how do you want to see the status of the application? Select it.
  • You will see the status of your application in front of you. 


  • સ્વરોજગારી હેતુસર ૫૦ દુધાળા પશુઓ (કાંકરેજ અને ગીર ગાય)ના ડેરી ફાર્મની સ્થાપના માટે સહાયની યોજના માટે ઓનલાઈન અરજી કરો: અહીં ક્લિક કરો
  • સ્વરોજગારીના હેતુ પશુપાલન વ્યવસાય માટે ૧૨ દૂધાળા પશુના ડેરી ફાર્મ સ્થાપનાની સહાય યોજના માટે ઓનલાઈન અરજી કરો:  અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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