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15 April 2022

GIET and GCERT organized Summer Festival: 2022

GIET and GCERT organized Summer Festival: 2022

From 1st May 207 (Gujarat Foundation Day) to 5th June 2022 (World Environment Day) for 36 consecutive days.

What to do in summer?

1. Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

2. Activities related to science or mathematics

3. Art activities (painting, music, singing, craft, etc.)

4. Coding

5. Entertainment

6. The story

7. Activities for the family

* Competitions during the Summer Festival *

1. Eloquence

2. Nursery Rhyme

. Poetry, storytelling

4. Short film documentary

5. Drama

Certificates to the children who actively participate in the summer and win the competition, as well as a golden opportunity to work in the programs prepared by GIET.

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