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7 May 2021

In the third wave of corona, children will become victims, find out how long the vaccine will come

An alert was issued for the third wave of Corona

In the third wave of Corona, children will become victims

Find out how long the vaccine will last

The second wave of Corona has caused an uproar in the country and everyone is scared.

Everyone is staying alert. Neglected on the second wave, it cannot be shown in the third wave. The risk of a third wave is higher in children. This wave will be dangerous as well as infect children.

The transition to more people over the age of 50 in 2020

In the first wave of the 2020 Corona, people over the age of 50 and senior citizens have fallen victim to the transition. So in the second wave, in 2021, there is more transition for people aged 31-50. Concerns have now been raised about having children in the third wave. This wave can increase the danger for children aged 6-12 years.

Government of Maharashtra started preparations

Tensions have risen in Maharashtra over the third wave. A third wave is expected here from July to September. Preparations are underway to create a pediatric covid care ward here. Orders have been issued to the District Collector and the Municipality. A separate covid ward will be created for the facility.

Vaccines are being given to people this age

Preparations have been made with the second wave and there is no forecast as to when the third wave will come. The first vaccination has been given to 31 per cent of the people above 45 years of age in the country, while vaccination has been started from May 1 for those above 18-44 years.

No vaccine for under 18s

Corona's upcoming wave is estimated to put children at greater risk, including those under the age of 18 in the risk category. Until now, children at this age are at greater risk of not being vaccinated.

The third wave will be dangerous for children

The total population of the country is 30 per cent for children from zero to 18 years. The herd immunity to fight the virus in this population cannot be prepared until they are vaccinated and if not vaccinated, the infection will spread to children in this wave and they will re-infect others.

Vaccines for children can be made in 90 days

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As for the preparation of the vaccine for children, it is said that if the vaccine is in the pipeline, how long will it have to wait for it, according to the expert, its pediatric trial will not take much time. Vaccines for children can be rolled out in 90 days as soon as the government gives the green signal.

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