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16 April 2021

Covid-19 Related Latest news updates

 Covid-19 Related Latest news updates

Gujaratis beware !: 20,000 corona cases are likely to be registered in the state in May; Extremely sensitive for the next 3 weeks now

If people behave with restraint, the number of cases may decrease and the number of peaks may decrease

The country is expected to receive 4 lakh cases a day in May

In Gujarat, the number of new corona cases reached 8,152 on Thursday, while in India the figure has crossed two lakh. Member of Gujarat Government Task Force and Senior Physician Dr. V. N. Shah said the figure could rise to 4,000 to 4.5 lakh in India during the first week of May and 16,000 to 20,000 cases a day compared to the current case in Gujarat. Dr. Talking to Divya Bhaskar, Shah said that in a discussion with a central government committee and senior doctors on Thursday, it was learned that the number of cases in India would double and double in three weeks.

The transition is likely to increase by the 21st
The current week could prove very sensitive; Corona transmission in India will have increased significantly by the 21st of this month, said experts studying the corona peak mathematically. However, these mathematicians also say that the situation will improve by the end of May. Dr Shah said herd immunity is the only cure for corona control. This is possible only if the immune system has developed in 70% of people. Vaccination alone can do more easily, so all governments have to take vaccination too high.

If the case escalates, the US record will be broken
So far, the US has topped the world with 3 lakh new cases in a single day, the highest in the first week of January. If 4 to 4.5 lakh cases are reported daily in India, the US record will be broken. Currently, the number of cases reported daily in India is even higher than in the US and Brazil. There are only a few thousand daily cases of covid in these nations.

In Surat, foreigners are going home for fear of lockdown.

Still a third wave could come
Dr. According to Shah, the transition in January and February was negligible, but there was a sudden upsurge, as people behaved in a relaxed manner. Still, World Health Organization (WHO) experts are predicting a third wave.

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