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21 March 2021

Jonathan Neil Rhodes Cricket records and best chetches info app

Jonathan Neil Rhodes Cricket records and best chetches info app

Jonathan Neil Rhodes is a South African cricket commentator and ex- analyze and One Day global cricketer. He is painstaking the peak fielder of every single one time. He played for the South African cricket group between 1992 and 2003.

Rhodes was intuitive in Pietermaritzburg, biological Province, South Africa. at the same time as soul prominent for his brief operation as a right-handed batsman, he was markedly illustrious for his distrustful fielding, mostly catching, pounded fielding, and throwing from his largely familiar site of backward point. A state primed by Cricinfo in after everything else 2005 showed that since the 1999 Cricket earth Cup, he had effected the ninth-highest digit of continue outs in ODI cricket of any fieldsman, with the third-highest achievement rate. He is regarded as one of the furthermost fielders of completely time and was the principal South African cricketer to win 100 ODI catches.

When you click Cricket Format from Test or ODI, you will see a list of all the cricket records from the specific format selected.

The application contains records of all three formats,

  • Test match
  • One Day International
  • Twenty internationals

Records and statistics are divided into sub-categories.

  • - Batting
  • - The act of throwing the ball in cricket
  • - Fielding
  • - Keeping the wicket
  • - Skilled in every task
  • - Partnership

An app dedicated entirely to cricket lovers and curious individuals

Various cricket records.

He has team and individual records

1. Test cricket records
2. One day records
3. T20 recordsIPL record
5. World Cup records
6. Personal records
7. Interesting record.

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And we will update more and more records at that time.

Keep up the good content and keep up the good content.

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