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20 March 2021



The professor was painstaking and so the first teachers were free to the formerly senior colors of promotion i.e. the level of sub- edification inspector.  As in attendance is no promotion cadre after the aide schooling examiner for the major teachers, they include been agreed second and third superior instruction by the Finance branch on 17/06/2011 answer No .: Pg-1008-2-4.A.  (M) was to be met as for each the schedule fixed.  After that, the allowance set of laws of the journey schoolteacher cadre were promulgated from the advertisement pass? 17/01/2017 under quotation (2) of this department.  As apiece the provision ready by these allowance rules, prime teachers were appointed as feeder cadre of the skull teacher.  Provision was ready in the announcement to complete the qualifications prescribed for the job of Headmaster to be promoted or to attain top rank.  Thus, if nearby are two vacancies for the promotion of prime teachers as for each the notification old 03/01/2008, aide culture overseer and as apiece the notification out-of-date 15/01/2017, nearby are two vacancies for the promotion of be first teachers. 

 As apiece the promise behind the times 05/12/2017 under character reference (2) of this department, it is elective to perceive the promotion of the regulate teacher, they are eligible to understand the main superior standard.  Subsequently, the Headmaster Recruitment Rules, 2018 were available from the notification square 7/06/2018 under citation (2) of this section.  Subsequently, the recruitment convention for the sub- instruction Inspector, 2013 were promulgated from the notification under suggestion (2) behind the times 31/01/2018 of this department.  As for each the provisions of these rules, the lead trainer cadre has been built-in as a replacement for of the basic teachers as the feeder cadre of the junior teaching inspector.  Thus, in attendance must be no opportunity for supervise promotion for central teachers as anyway as promotion of leader governess

With the above details, the shared detect of this field old 18/01/2071 and behind the times 21/01/2071 as properly as the pledge behind the times 19/06/2071 be supposed to be implemented, to the essential teachers and main teachers of foremost schools under the area instruction agency / city edification consent of the majestic and  In demand to preserve homogeny in the construal of a mixture of declarations and resolutions available under citation (1) to (2) in abide by of the first, second and third correct steps, as lucky as the secondary changes finished therein, entirely avowed in the context.  In view of the information that in attendance is no alter in the creative provisions of the Declaration and the Resolutions, the next all-purpose explanations are issued in appreciate of folks provisions.  • The first professor cadre mortal the feeder cadre of the be first professor cadre, the principal teachers are at liberty to meet the top stride set of the lead professor as the at the outset superior balanced standard.  • It is voluntary for the leader professor to be promoted to the declare of aide culture Inspector, i.e. at hand is no cause to be in for promotion for the supervisor lecturer but merely folks advance teachers who need to be promoted hold to lapse the germane examination.  Thus, the headmaster's cadre is a lonely cadre.  

HTAT New Badali Rules G.R.
G.R. Date : 06/03/2021

As the command lecturer cadre is careful as Rouhan, Ranvar, since this cadre is one-cadre, here is a indigence for promotion for crop teachers after the journey teacher?  Co) If near is no space, they are eligible for Finance territory DR-3 on Yat K2 / Iii Avait [2 Muj + lej manner and third top 5 standard, - as nearby is no position for necessary promotion for the supervisor teacher.  As apiece the schedule prescribed by the Finance territory subject to the provisions of the determination applicable to the top shell out customary and the secondary amendments completed in it, as for each the schedule, the move coach is eligible to come to get the person in charge coach time 31 /.  As for each the routine of appointment under the community nickname of 01/2071, if the voluntary promotion is complete in the cadre of secondary learning Inspectors, in the state of affairs everyplace they are subject to the provisions of the applicable outcome of the Finance Department.  5 will be receivable,

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