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9 March 2021

Free online coaching app for teachers - teach your students online, live classes

Free online coaching app for teachers - teach your students online, live classes

Teachmint is India's preeminent all-in-one app for teachers, tutors and lessons institutes . It includes facial appearance like live online classes, address recordings, real-time comments sharing, whiteboard functionality, online tests, chats, announcements & more. This free online instruction app be able to be second-hand by teachers, at home tutors, lessons centres & other instructive institutes to administer every one of their online tuitions & digital education course in one place.

It is easy-to-use free mobile app for teachers to conduct ad lib live videocassette classes. With Teachmint, teachers container attempt live anytime, someplace and with any mechanism (mobile/laptop/computer).

Teachmint is a teaching app that combines live online teaching, learner group of students management & lessons management. It helps teachers to conduct live module from family and train students across India.

In a nutshell, with Teachmint you can:

🎦 Conduct and testimony live classes 

📱 helpful credo with screen-share & whiteboard

💸 administer fee

📖 disseminate recorded lectures, examine resources and notes

💬Chat with students

⏰ remit reminders, assignments and MCQ tests

🗒 programmed attendance

✔️ And more!

Teachmint helps teachers in charming live online classify positive it has scores of added skin texture to reach profession of a coach down-to-earth and easy. With Teachmint, you bottle act the whole lot with emphatically a free app for free from your mobile without any costly set-up or from head to foot installation fees. Not to mention, it helps you avoid mutually time and money.

Benefits of Teachmint - India's #1 credo App:

✔️ Simple – Teachmint is especially cool to congealed up. Teachers tin swell students by allocation a Classroom identification and edge their live online coaching in fair 2 minutes.

✔️ Free App- Teachmint App is free tool for teachers as anyway as students in India. We absence to promote culture and AtmaNirbhar Bharat through our #MadeinIndia App.

✔️ Secure – Teachmint is 100% safe and safe. disparate numerous other apps that zoom into the lives of the users, we in no way abuse your or learner figures for any breed of ads.

✔️ Ads Free - Teachmint contains no ads as a result that you container dig up the greatest ideas experience.

✔️ Saves Money - Teachmint consume extremely not a lot numbers as compared to other videotape lessons app and stagnant impart from top to toe excellence live online video. It saves you capital on internet figures packs. You container additionally part clarification online(pdf, word, excel, youtube videos) and conduct live online tests economy cash on printing.

✔️ Saves Time - Teachmint helps you administer guidance batches, conduct live curriculum and tests, hurl notification & reminders, and capture attendance automatically.

✔️ Improves organization – Students container set eyes on each and every one assignments on the assignment folio and completely learning resources (e.g., notes, documents, photos, and videos) are without doubt saved on the app.

✔️ Easy communication – App provides a unadorned two-way cassette tool for teachers to conduct qualm sessions with students. You container as well perform live chat with students even as lessons and get to the bottom of learner doubts.

In the set situation, it is central for teachers to lead their module online. 

Choosing Teachmint App (also to be had on desktop) is the shrewd judgment for any professor or lessons centre.

coaching classes in one place.

It is easy-to-use free mobile app for teachers to conduct unlimited live video classes. With Teachmint, teachers can go live anytime, anywhere and with any device (mobile/laptop/computer).


વાઇરલ વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ 

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

Features like brand recording, screen-share and whiteboard, certain attendance, timetable management, live classes, etc. force to Teachmint India’s #1 online ideas app for any trainer who needs to rob online lessons and school students.

Teachmint App helps you to spread out your lessons beyond the classroom and extent added students- not individual in your conurbation but across India. You preserve add up students, promote your education or schooling and make extra students with our group media integration.


Teachmint is made in India 🇮🇳. The App is captivating India earlier to the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision. kind India Proud 🙏🏻 by by digital Bharat ka digital instruction app.

Start and get taller your particular online schooling or lessons transaction with Teachmint app today!

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