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21 February 2021



 The drawing, essay writing, quiz antagonism is systematic every day by the gab administrative area under the "Saksham" general rivalry to produce awareness amid educate family on the value of fuel conservation and environmental protection.  The focal rationale of essay writing, doodle and quiz competitions is to nurture awareness about the safeguard of gasoline products, lessening of grease imports, consequence of energy conservation, innovation and treatment of energy capital in industrial, transport, crop growing and citizen sector.

According to the above context, this opposition is controlled for the students studying in Std. 7 to 10.  The struggle has been launched in online type through the website as fine as through a mobile app.

Students studying in Std. 7,8,9 & 10 will be proficient to participate in the quiz competition, the effect of which will be announced online.  fond of are the needed directions and quotation guides for this competition.  Which is requested to get hold of every one the schools in your area and make happen compulsory directives from your equal for most numeral of students to participate in this competition 'Saksham' public Competition-2020-21: Painting, Essay lettering & Quiz  for Schooi kids to promote awareness on Conservation of Petroieum Product Every year, PCRA is conducting 'Saksham state-owned Competition' for discipline children, to  raise awareness on the substance of fuel conservation and environmental protection You declare been at the bottom of us in this make an effort to raise the get hold of of the competition  through your get on of Education. This year, owing to Covid-19, we are conducting the equivalent in a finally onine mode during the full stop 04.01.2021-10.02.2021. 

The opposition has been launched, through a a tangled web portal/ mobile app. The circular  consisting minutiae of the opposition is emotionally involved herewith. Schools may authorization the 

students to submit their submission online through our addict open mess Portai/Mobile app or aiternately acknowledge brutally copies. The schools will evaluate the entries and the paramount two entries will be uploaded on our webportal www.pcracompetitions org. These selected participants would participate in the assert dead even fight and auxiliary in the National level competition. The top entries would be properly awarded We shali be refreshing for your defense in ensuring that the in a row reaches out to all 

schools under your live through emailers, as benevolently as your website. We look for your fend for to guarantee greatest chipping in from your schools, in this National Cause.

The Essay writing, Painting, and Quiz competitions purpose to advance awareness surrounded by youth about the conservation of Petroleum products in industrial, transport, cultivation and domestic sector, decline of oil 

imports, energy conservation, meaning and enjoy of renewable energy sources, and how to carry out conservation tips in our day after day lives, and except the environment. For effectual communication, students may desire to contemporary their dreams and messages for conserving fuel harvest and sinking emission, in English, Hindi or Regional languages.


1 lone folks schools in Indiawhich are accepted by inner & assert Boards, know how to 2. The prepare participate. is requested that entirely eligible (maximum numeral of) students show chunk in this competition, ds this is in state interest. 

3. ne schools shall keep details themselves on our doorway primarily and at that time they know how to egister the names of every part of Students on the alike portico every one of the students be capable of followed by participate as persons in original Round, i.e. drill flat in a circle from their residence or school. 

Schools to conduct Essay competitions in one or other of the next languages- Hindi, Engisn, 

4 ASsamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, anskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Maithili, Dogri, Nepali, Bodo and Santhali. lone the languages whicn 

can be evaluated by educate teachers may be allowed bythe scho0ol. 

5 Eligibility: Students of curriculum 7,8,9&10. 

ne apprentice preserve participate in merely one language. However, a apprentice bottle participate in Essay and 

Painting both.  

7. Essay must not exceed 700 words. 

student essential enter the essay in his/her concede handwriting, and scan/click photo and upload on the 

webportal ( as advised by school, or submit hardcopyto school.

saksham ” રાષ્ટ્રીય સ્પર્ધા ૨૦૨૦-૨૧ અંતર્ગત ચિત્રકામ , નિબંધ લેખન , ક્વીઝ સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કરવા બાબત

Drawing, Essay Writing, Quiz Competition under “saksham” National Competition 2020-21

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