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20 February 2021

Corporation Election: Rs 40 lakh cash will be paid to the polling staff of 3590

Corporation Election: Rs 40 lakh cash will be paid to the polling staff of 3590

This time the deposit to the direct bank was canceled: the R.O. On the day of polling, the zonal office will provide cover to the polling staff. Preparations to pay 1,200 first polling officers for 1,200 second polling and women polling officers to pay 1,050 and pattawala 400 cash ...: Every polling staff will hold night halt at booths

Rajkot Ta. 19: Preparations to pay more than Rs 20 lakh to the polling staff who stayed under the municipal elections to be held on Sunday. Started by

Giving information about this today, Additional Collector Shri Parimal Pandya and all the election work prospects and highly experienced Deputy Mamlatdar Shri Atul Mehta told reporters today.

He said that Rajkot Municipal Corporation elections will be held at a total of 31 booths, each polling booth will have a total of 9 staff including 5 polling staff and one belt, 54 booths will be sent to 41 booths after 12 noon tomorrow, besides 10% reserve polling staff. In addition to the election branch, each RO, zonal officers will have a total staff of 1 thousand. In short, for two days from tomorrow, a total of 6,000 staff will be on duty for 8 hours.

AD. The collector added that the staff will leave tomorrow from 12 noon, and the night holt which he will do at the booth, polling will start at each booth from 9 am on Sunday and before that i.e. at 9 am in the presence of agents of mock poll parties at each booth and mock poll in each booth. 50-50 votes will have to be cast, which will be counted, if there is any disturbance in it, the EVM will be replaced immediately.

Regarding the allowance of polling staff, Deputy Mamlatdar Shri Atul Mehta said that Rs. It will cost Rs 5,600, of which Rs. 1500 (Including two training-booths and two meals.), First Polling Officer Rs. 1500, Second Polling Officer and Women Polling Officer Rs. 1050, and Rs. An allowance of Rs.500 will be paid.


A total of Rs. Payment of more than Rs 20 lakh in cash on election day which is Rs. Will be done by, for this R.O. At present, each is getting its own staff cover, which will be given to the zonal officer on the polling day and the zonal officer will give the cover to the polling staff of the polling station coming in his route.

This time, it has been decided to cancel the direct deposit in the bank account of the polling staff and make a cash payment. Dekaro was horrified when in 2015, the money of 4 to 5 employees was deposited in the accounts of others, as a result, this time they have been asked to hand over cash.

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