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30 November 2020



The second stage of faithfulness keeping fit of 18 courses from 1st December was in addition finished for teachers.  A circular stating that every part of BRC-CRC co-ordinators will be obligatory to participate in the training, which will be apprehended from October 3 to November 6, was attended by teachers in the state.  Which is done.  next the launch of this schooling Nishtha on Diksha course, in a jiffy in the second period in the month of December, next the obstruct resource, 21 co-ordinators (BRCs) and cluster source on the Diksha platform will be re-launched for the era of December (co-ordination).  It has as well been certain to give this education for CRC).  Which teachers will approach first.  BRC - CRC Coordinators are to link up with this avenue through the platform to be knowledgeable about that admission has been complete mandatory.  Which will be in the main part from October 2 to November 3.  This guidance of 12 courses has been conducted for the new clear teachers of altogether the modules of loyalty. With the meaning of educating the lasting teachers, the second point of keeping fit will be happening from December 1 after the byseg.  In which the teachers who take part in left to the number one juncture cause to live through the second.  accordingly that folks who connected the exercise may perhaps not cause the keeping fit for any reason, they tin fasten together the stage.  In addition, BRC - CRC will additionally fundraiser from the show program. 

After applying, the candidates who were absent in 2013 were absent. In 6 posts of four cadres of Manpani, 4 candidates appeared for the examination. Out of the Rajkot candidates, 4 candidates were appearing in the examination.  as 2012 absent exams were in custody in unlike centers today.  The pro of individuals who agreed was full up.  Interviews were besides bigger if the divergence between the quantity of absent candidates and the numeral of absent candidates was negligible.  canister happen.  He thought that the integer of malingerer product assistants is 2 for mechanical, 2 for assistants is big, 1 for manager, 1 for coroner of designer civil as fortunate as 1 contender for insect radio dish somewhere else and a reduced amount of attendance for recruitment in these examinations.  Getting.  The exam was full today.  organization sources, who took over after everyone else after the announcement, believed attendance in the 30 exams was declining.  extend action will be full by manufacture good point of the examination

As for each the broadcast prepared by the Minister of Education, the panel examination will be apprehended in May 2021. The manner of big up the type for Std.  next this, broaden arrangements are organism complete to be detained in May 2021.  Announced.  drive will be started, however, this time next the proclamation of Corona. next this announcement, the floorboard is instantly Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad and impressive different.  enclose to follow.  opening in the month of January, like every year, this time the schools opened in November and the arrival of aura is deliberate in the online develop March-2020.  consequently that after the board's labor of stodgy Std. 10 and 12 exams proved to be dangerous, therefore greatly schools in the magnificence control to soak up online forms four months before the exam, consequently it is not kick off for a definite day in January.  completely forms bottle be overflowing out and it follows that panel operations cannot be started.  The schools are arrangement to take out this surgical treatment not single through online schooling but moreover other actions are self conceded out suitably by the live from January.  Gujarat is bountiful merely lesser and higher.  This may perhaps be located next.  The progression of heavy up the forms for the examination, which on track in January, will remain till March every day by the slat of consequential learning and it will recoil by the come to an end of February.  The Minister of culture held that Std. 10 and Std. 12 examinations in Std. 10 months, in other standards, regular after completion of my promotion work, the live and the live of Std. 12 examinations are full in May, and for this examination or in any other method the family pass.  The slat will be clever to swallow it to the after that balanced four months in advance, i.e. in November, after the pronouncement of the heap homework time.  hence that the plank has sufficient time in May to imbue up the online practice in January. 

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