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13 October 2020

Earn from Amazon by working just 4 hours, know what to do

Earn from Amazon by working just 4 hours, know what to do

Everyone dreams of getting a job for the world's largest company. But if the work belongs to the delivery boy, some people back off. But the fact is that it is not a trivial task, it earns a lot more than hard work. This option is very good for the unemployed. outstandingly while you state to sort out this composition for the world's prime online shopping company. in attendance is no compulsion in this job. If you cannot do a full-time job, you can work a part-time job. So let's know what you have to do.

Earn Rs 60,000-70,000 ₹ from Amazon ,Work only 4 Hours.

A delivery boy or delivery girl is one who distributes products or packages to customers online or to retail companies. The delivery boy takes the package from the Amazon warehouse and delivers it to customers. provision boys across the country send millions of letters every day. 

Earn Rs 60,000-70,000 from Amazon by working just 4 hours, know what to do

A delivery boy has to deliver 100 to 150 packages a day.

4 . Delivery is in the range of 10–15 km

Amazon has about 18 centers in Delhi. Similar centers are located in most cities in India. All packages are delivered to the customer's address. Package delivery takes place in an area of ​​approximately 10–15 km from the Amazon center.

How many hours is the shift?

The freedom lad does not maintain to act every day. rescue buys accept correspondence from their region. However, Amazon continues from 7 am to 8 pm. A delivery boy from Delhi says that he gives 100 to 150 packages in about 4 hours daily.

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What is needed to become a delivery boy?

You necessity boast a mark to be a distribution boy. If a school or college is passed, it is mandatory to have a passing certificate. You must have your own bike or scooter to deliver. Bikes or scooters should have insurance and RC Book. At the same time the person applying must have a driving license.

How to apply

You can apply directly on Amazon website to get a delivery boy job. Apart from this, you can also apply for the job by visiting any center of Amazon. The delivery buoy seats are always empty in most centers. But if there is no space, you can also enter your name for the future. You can get a place when a place is created.

Register yourself online

To get an Amazon delivery job, you need to register with your email ID. Fill the form correctly. Do not leave any information. Also read the Terms of Service carefully. The company may ask you to do background checks, do not refuse.

Will the company give you the vehicle?

If you have your own scooter or bike, you will have to use your own vehicles to deliver the product of choice. If a large product is to be delivered, the company may provide you with a larger vehicle on certain conditions.

Can deliver goods of your choice

The delivery boy has to deliver both at office and home. However, it depends on the delivery boy which product he wants to deliver. With small items you can also distribute freeze, TV, AC. This requires a larger vehicle, Amazon offers a larger vehicle.

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The company will also teach work

After hiring, the company will also give you information on how to deliver the product. Which product to deliver according to timing. This means that the entire training related to delivery will be given to you by Amazon.

Is the job permanent or on contract?

The delivery boy job on Amazon is neither permanent nor on contract. You can leave the job whenever you want. Also, the company can fire you based on your performance.

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How much does Amazon delivery boy get?

Amazon Delivery Boy gets regular salary every month. At Amazon, a delivery boy gets a fixed salary of Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 per month. Petrol costs you but you get 15 to 20 rupees on delivery of a product or package. According to the service provider, if one works for a whole month and gives 100 packages every day, one can easily earn Rs 60,000-70,000 in a month.

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