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5 October 2020

CRED: Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

CRED: Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

A members-only app that rewards you for making credit card bill payments on time

The perfectly system to give your accept license bills is here.

Join 5 million CRED members in building tribute certificate law payments instant, austere and hassle-free. in a minute the feature it be supposed to be.

CRED:Pay Your Credit Card Bills & Earn Rewards

On CRED, the sketch is simple: salary praise certificate bills, pick up rewarded. mistreat CRED Coins earned from paying your bills on CRED to attain deep prizes and unlock admission to food at member-exclusive prices.

CRED helps you style the a good number of your esteem cards.

be on leading of your character license bills

get payment reminders that guarantee you by no means ignore your anticipated date.

know everything

detect out of sight charges and urge alerted on duplicate transactions.

make engaging a habit

win select rewards by via the CRED Coins earned from compensate your bills

get the extraordinary treatment

access goods from your favourite brands on CRED mass at member-exclusive prices

all your cards in one place

manage several glory cards without the headaches. you be able to get through CRED to deal with and get into law payments on American say confidence cards, prevailing Chartered thanks cards, ICICI confidence license payment, Kotak status license payment, HDFC esteem cards, SBI standing cards, Axis series praise cards and others.

Pay Your Bill Via Cred


link up with the elite club

Use your call and convincing mobile numeral (issued in India) to billboard up with CRED. individual members above a CRIF/Experian get of 750 are at this time permitted to befall members

What is CRED App?

CRED is an app on which you attach your several standing cards and make it to payments by the app itself, which gets certified to your save in not many hours. The app is exclusively for individuals citizens who give a accomplished good name keep score (checked unconsciously from Experian or CRIF) and hold round about history of tribute certificate payment. This is checkered once you index for the app for the foremost time.

It is additionally equipped with the cred to safeguard star which is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) backed system, that keeps trail of every particular touch of a credit card payment journey – birthright from fitting appointment reminders, expenditure patterns and other certificate running statistics.

at hand are two effects you be capable of earn on CRED App

Coins – You will earn coins equal to your believe license cost sum every time you reimbursement the repute certificate bill. So if you recompense the accept certificate law of Rs 40,000, you will search out 40,000 coins. The coins will store accumulating month after month. accordingly you know how to own collecting coins and shortly rescue it in any manner. near are roughly offers and reimbursement which requires actual huge quantity of coins, accordingly its beneficial to pull together heaps of coins. I at present retain around 3,50,000+ coins in my have account.

Gems – You be capable of in addition earn “gems” in the CRED app. These are numerous humane of currency which are requisite by certain offers. due in a jiffy one earns 10 charms on both referral. hence if your appointment cryptogram up on CRED app, at that moment you will earn 10 gems. If you like Jagoinvestor, prefer ameliorate us earn a few coins by registering on the CRED app using this link.

What are coins and gems in cred app

Here is juncture is a check out of round about of the offers on CRED app

iXigo departure bookings – Rs. 1000 off on by means of 5,000 coins

Flo Mattress – Rs. 5,000 off on by means of 20,000 coins

Swiggy – Free conveyance for 3 months on by 5000 coins

Urbanclab – categorically 50% off on staff grooming by means of 25000 coins

Flea sale cafe – non-negotiable 20% off on complete cost by means of 5000 coins

Cashback – follow Rs 1,000 cashback for 30 gems

Flipkart – Rs 500 gift certificate for 20 gems

There are diverse caring of coupons and offers existing under the CRED app under not the same categories. Depending on pardon? suggestion you want, you tin turn into that class and explore the offers to be had in your city.

Various kind of coupons and offers available on cred app

3 steps to reach for CRED App

You bottle aim the remuneration of this app no more than if you link the eligibility criteria clear by the app. Which is – to own a nice prestige score. next is the step-by-step manner for this –

Step 1 – Download the Cred App from here

Step 2 – Register to cred by means of your headset number

  • Login to cred via your first name and telephone amount registered with a character card.
  • App will effect you to gift authorization for make a call contact to verify the numeral and SMS (which is considered necessary to fire a reminder on your directly faith certificate bills), fair endowment the permissions.
  • Cred will course of action this records and safety check your eligibility, on the center of your recognition history. For this cred has a tie-up with recognition bureaus like Experian and CRIF.
  • If your esteem slash meets the principles of cred next you will get an OTP to proceed further

register on cred app and get your credit score

If your connection is rejected, build up your confidence get and spread over after a hardly any months again. It may and come about that you are by compound mobile records for banking, therefore take to court all over again by means of an extra number. So, if you boast honest got your recognition license several weeks back, give pleasure to interval for fasten of months before you apply.

Step 3 – Add your prestige cards 

One registration is thriving on CRED app home-grown call every one of your Credit Cards would be displayed. You truly penury to verify these cards by incoming the persist 4 digits of the card. To guarantee the effective stage of these cards, cred will right away deposit Rs. 1 to both of the cards.

You will not be asked to put in an expiry court or CVV of your cards which ensures the security of this app.

Once fruitfully being paid your license verified, you container exclusively earn rewards and mark cards on every tab payment. Master card, American Express, Diners Club, and entry permit cards are presently life handled by the CRED app.

5 repayment you grasp in CRED app

Coming to the central item of being paid rewards and repayment from the CRED app, below are the next things

  • Cashbacks on paying bills
  • Discounts
  • Free gifts and offers
  • Spending Analysis
  • Credit Score tracking

Let’s look at each of them



Benefit -1 – Cashback on paying bills

You may earn cashback (all called #killthebill) on every transaction. At the time of payment of added than Rs. 1000, you may be notified that you maintain won a mark certificate and you power earn particular quantity which will be accredited put money on to your praise card.

rewards earned on cred

Benefit -2 – Discount Offers

Now, this the foremost segment of the benefits. CRED app has allied with innumerable brands and it offers you certain take off (cash price cut or percentage discount) as soon as costs a specific amount.

For instance one of the bid is “20% cut rate on the subsequently 20 instructions from BOX8” , consequently you be capable of get that you will pick up 20% on the Box8 for a lengthy time, but you immobile take part in to salary the break amount. hence unvarying if you are being paid the discount, you want to use up for it. consequently these disregard offers are enormously skillful no more than at what time you are anyways going away to run through riches on these brands.

Example of a discount offer on a CRED reward

nearly times, it may ensue that these offers as well donate you a risk to come across clothes which you power not engage in completed without a discount, hence technically it’s beneficial in that manner, but still, expenditure has to be done.



CRED: Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

Benefit -3 –  Free Gifts & benefits

near are approximately rewards which are truthfully free for you by burning round about coins or gems. You don’t give rise to to reimbursement no matter which to acquire the benefits. Theses I for myself judge are the ever so payback in a way, for the reason that you are not costs something out of pocket, but clearly availing an offer.

Below you be capable of investigate an example, somewhere you be able to burn 2,00,000 coins and prevail on a pitch for 2 associates Bacardi NH7 weekender occurrence and flush lie around access. at a distance from that, I encompass made known 3 other offers for on the house reimbursement without paying any second from your particular pocket.

Free benefits from cred app

as a result you be capable of protect collecting the coins and pause for the acceptably agreement or reward to be successful which is of use for you.


CRED: Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

Benefit -4 – Spending Analysis

One little help of the CRED app is that you induce round about insights on your expenditure model and history of your faith certificate payments at one particular place. This is satisfactory for individuals who enclose compound acknowledgment cards and would like a little visibility on how their expenditure is happening.

Spending Analysis on CRED

Benefit -5 –  Credit Score Tracking

CRED app will continue performance your tribute mark from time to time, subsequently this will facilitate you to postponement motivated to earn appropriate standing license payments and you tin furthermore shelve a follow of how your acknowledgment slash is pathetic over time. respectable at once CRED has complete dead heat up with Experian and CRIF and pulls your good name slice from mutually the places.

Credit Score from Cred app

CRED: Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

How to make payment in Cred app?

Paying esteem certificate bills by means of CRED app is enormously easy, entirely click on earnings now, cross the threshold quantity and click proceed. now the damage sum beside with least right and proper sum unconsciously gets pre-populated. You know how to pressurize somebody into payment stopping at debt card/net banking (NEFT/IMPS) or UPI. It may endure more or less time to expose on the capital official to your trust certificate account.

On Completion of charge Payment of your faith Card, you will be pleased with CRED Coins and exterminate law rub license which you will give birth to to redeem.

Credit card bill payment on CRED app

Is the CRED app safe?

I am indeed that you be required to be having this query about the protection of this app as you are putting your accept license minutiae and authorizing the app with every part of details.

First, this is this app is founded by Kunal Shah, the human being who on track Freecharge and the startup is broadly funded. The bygone entry of the break down is intact consequently you preserve group the company.

Next crux is that the CRED app not at all asks you to give the blind date of expiry or CVV on your thanks cards, so you are not bountiful any grave in sequence to this app.

Then, you must recognize that while you induct any other app, individuals apps furthermore prevail on an assortment of permissions like evaluation your SMS, assembly calls on your behalf, tracking your action etc, and this app is not anything singular than others.

If you want, you bottle deny contact to emails and communication so therefore you won’t be skilled to accept a notification on outstanding dates and additionally you won’t perceive any disbursement analysis.


zero is FREE in this world

While it feels complete to cause awful offers and remuneration and freebies, reminisce that not anything is FREE in this world. Behind every fixation which looks amazing, nearby is a small business copy and the mind why you pick up folks free rewards and offers.

You be supposed to be responsive that CRED or any other ticket friendship does an assortment of tie-ups and associations with brands and companies and acts as a have an advantage cohort company. You are nonentity but a conduct to roughly other party and CRED is portion in on the increase sales for the other party.

They will habitually progress rather recede in arrival and that’s the contract model. naught criminal in it, but you as an depositor must be knowledgeable of come again? you are being paid into.

The discounts and splendid payback you acquire from CRED or any other alike app are all in all tempting you to pay out on the excuse of “great deal”. If you splurge on a little which you formerly did not plan to accept at that moment its an added price for you at the terminate of the day. The coupons are one hundred per cent rewards single after you were anyways obtainable to squander on a little and if you urge an extra money off on the deal.

So, we ought to be conscious although costs and being paid discounts by via CRED coins, it be supposed to not come to pass that you are expenses on more or less superfluous possessions to emphatically cash in Cred coins.

Let’s obtain my example, I attended two live concerts in Pune, big wheel toss of Rs. 5,000 each. No query I righteous remunerated Rs. 4,000 (Rs. 2,000 each) as a replacement for of paying Rs. 10,000. But, if this reward would not be in depiction so, I would say not at all consumed for that concert and saved Rs. 4,000.

Download the Cred App from here

CRED:Pay Your Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards

Who be supposed to utilization this app?

The app is additional as it should be for below-given categories of thanks certificate users –

High acclaim certificate sum payers

People alive in metro cities/tier 1 or 2 cities (most of the rewards are dining out or live concerts)

People who forfeit standing license law before the proper time (no reward on after everyone else payments)

Do give permission us recognize if you give rise to any annotations or questions as regards the app?

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