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20 April 2020

Lockdown: What will open today in Gujarat, see entire list 20th April 2020.

Lockdown: What will open today in Gujarat, see entire list 20th April 2020.

 It has been decided to exempt from Gujarat on April 20 with certain conditions related to commercial industries.  In this regard, Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that things could be opened in lockdown after April 20.  For which the notification has been issued by the Labor and Employment Department of the state.  In Gujarat, out-of-town industries today will be given phased approval.  Whereas industries within the limits of 8 municipalities and 162 municipalities are not allowed.

 Let us say that Corona is doing the footsteps in Gujarat and 2 cities of the state have been declared hotspots.  In Ahmedabad and Vadodara Red Zone, more than 50% of cases in Gujarat with more than 1600 cases have been registered from Ahmedabad only when no business other than medical emergency is allowed in Ahmedabad.

 All the districts that fall into the green zone will be somewhat exempt.  See here which services can be discounted.

 See a list of which services will continue

  •  All drugstores and medical device shops, including hospitals, chemists, pharmacies, public pharmaceutical centers
  •  All health services
  •  Hospital, Nursing Home, Clinic
  •  Medical laboratories and storage centers
  •  Pharmaceutical and medical research laboratory, institutes conducting research related to Covid-19
  •  Veterinary hospital, dispensary, clinic, pathology lab, vaccine and drug sales and supply.

 Activities in the agricultural sector will continue

  •  The farm will continue to operate by farmers and farm workers
  •  Agencies involved in the procurement of agricultural products, including the operation of the SSP
  •  Market mandated by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee or declared by the state or federal territory.
  •  Agricultural machines, its spare parts and repair shops will be open
  •  Custom hiring machine related to farm machinery
  •  Fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, distribution, retail trade.
  •  Pruning and plowing machines can be manipulated.

 See a list of cities affected by Corona virus


  •  Work related to fishery or aquaculture industries, including quarrying, harvesting, processing, packaging, cold chain, sales and marketing will continue.
  •  Undersea house, feed plants will continue
  •  Trafficking of fish / shrimp and fish for fish, fish seed / food and all activities.

 Livestock related activities will continue

  •  The processing, distribution and sale of milk processing plants and milk production including transportation and supply chains.
  •  Livestock shelters, including cowsheds, will continue to operate
  •  Activities of livestock farms including poultry farm and egg harvesting and livestock raising activities.
  •  Animal grain production and grain plant, including the supply of raw materials like corn and soy

 Construction work also allowed

  •  Road construction including irrigation projects, irrigation projects, construction of houses, all types of industrial estate in rural areas.
  •  In rural areas, ongoing projects are exempt even where workers are present.  Bringing in workers from outside is not allowed.

 Commercial and private organizations

  •  Broadcasting, DTH cable services, print and electronic media
  •  50 percent of man-made IT and IT-driven services
  •  Data and call center only for government activities
  •  Common Service Centers run by the government-sanctioned at the village panchayat level
  •  Courier Services
  •  Services for ports, airports, railway stations, container depots, personal units and cold storage and warehouses
  •  Private security services
  •  Hotel, Home Stay, Lodge, Medical Emergency Staff, Crew Members
  •  Associated organizations for quarantine
  •  Electrician, plumber, motor mechanic and carpenter

 Supply of essential commodities

  •  Manufacturing, wholesale or local store of goods
  •  Rationing shop, food and grocery, hygiene items, vegetables, fruits, dairy, poultry breeding centers, meat-fisheries, livestock and grasshoppers.

 Transportation Approval

  •  Freight movement of freight vehicles allowed
  •  Operations of airports and related transportation facilities for transporting, shifting and moving cargo (goods).
  •  Operation of maritime ports and inland container depots for cargo trafficking including authorized cosmetic clearing and forwarding agents
  •  The driver must hold a valid driver's license, subject to these conditions, with the two drivers and one helper, all trucks and other freight / carrier vehicles / freight / empty trucks / vehicles will be allowed to freight after delivery or pick up.
  •  Land ports for land border trafficking of commodities including petroleum products and LPG, food products, medical supplies

 This work will be banned

  •  Transportation of trains other than for security purposes
  •  Managing buses for public transport
  •  Ecommerce companies and unnecessary general
  •  Metro Rail Service
  •  Migration of people from one district to another and from one state to another, in addition to activities allowed under health reasons and directions.
  •  Industrial and commercial establishments that are not allowed
  •  Directions are not allowed if hotel, restaurant management is closed
  •  Taxis management and app-based cabs, including Resorts and Bicycles
  •  Cinema Hall, Mall, Shopping Complex, Gym, Sports Complex, Swimming Pool, Entertainment Park, Theater, Bar, Auditorium, Assembly Hall and Such
  •  Every social, political, sports, entertainment or any other event,
  •  All the shrines will be closed
  •  More than 20 people banned from attending the funeral

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