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13 March 2019

Check LIC Policy status without registration by Mobile Phone orSMS

Check LIC Policy status without registration by Mobile Phone orSMS
Many of LIC policyholders might be struggling to get their status. Because they feel it is cumbersome to visit LIC Office, contact agent or creating login to check on LIC Portal. But do you know we can check LIC Policy status without registration through Mobile Phone or SMS?

You can check your LIC Policy status by going online, registering your policy account details and all those. Because there is a possibility (in many cases) of forgetting the password or username itself. However, below I will explain you how to check your policy status without registration using your mobile phone or SMS facility.
What you need to avail these facilities?
1) Mobile phone (For calling or sending SMS) or Land phone (For calling).
2) You must know your policy number.
1) Check LIC Policy Status without registration by calling to LIC’s IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)
LIC offers you IVRS calling. This you can use for getting your policy status without any manual intervention. As I said earlier, policy registration is not at all required for this.
For making a local call from any MTNL or BSNL number simply dial 1251 and for other than local users IVRS can be accessed by dialling the city STD code of the IVRS center followed by 1251.
When you call to this number, the only information you need to know is your policy number. You can check your policy status, loan availability, bonus accumulated and few more other policy status details.
I checked dialling 1251 from my BSNL landline and it worked fine and within a second I got the status of the policy which I need. However, when I tried to dial from my non-BSNL mobile phone (using the Bangalore area code of 080 followed by 1251), I found it was not working. I don’t know what may be the reason.
This I felt a negative point of this facility. Because it worked fine from a landline but not from a mobile phone. Along with that LIC also claiming, “To know Policy details through IVRS, simply dial 1251 available 24×7 in the following cities.” This means the 1251 policy status inquiry facility is not available for 24X7 for other cities. If yes, then LIC not provided any details about the timing for other than below listed city customers. Anyhow, this facility is available for 24X7 for below-mentioned cities.
Asansol, Allahabad, Aurangabad, Bareilly, Coimbatore, Dharwad, Gorakhpur, Gwalior, Hazaribagh, Jodhpur, Jammu, Kozhikode, Kota, Kolhapur, Meerut, Mysore, Nashik, Patna, Pondicherry, Rajkot, Ranchi, Salem, Surat, Shillong, Shimla, Thanjavur, Vadodara and Varanasi.
Here it is not clear whether the rest of the cities are not able to get this service 24X7 or not. Also, the cities mentioned particularly are not big cities. Hence, doubt also is there, whether apart from a metro and other big cities, this facility will be available for the above-listed cities or not.
Anyhow, I checked from Bangalore BSNL Landline and it is working perfect. Let me know some user experience with this.
2) Check LIC Policy status without registration through SMS-
You check your policy status by sending SMS. Here also you no need to register your policy number. Just from a mobile number you have to send SMS with predefined short and long codes. Below are the codes for the same.
PREM (Premium)-To check the premium due for your policy.
REV (Revival) -If a policy already lapsed, then to check the revival amount payable.
BONUS-Amount of bonus accumulated as of today.
LOAN-Amount of loan you can avail from your policy
NOM (Nomination) -To know the details of a nomination.
For example, to know the premium due for any particular policy, then send the SMS in below format.
To 56767877 (with short code) or 9222492224 (with long code).
I checked using a lapsed policy and I immediately received the message as “Contact Branch”. Tthis is a great initiative 🙂
If you have a pension policy with LIC, then you can check the details of that policy as below.
STAT-IPP Policy status
ECDUE-Existence certificate due
ANNPD-Last pension released date
PDTHRU-Pension payment through (CHQ/ECS/NEFT)
AMOUNT-Pension amount
CHQRET-Cheque return information
For example, to know the IPP policy status, then send the SMS as below.
ASKLIC <STAT> STAT to 56767877
I felt SMS facility more convenient than the IVRS facility and want to know from all you about the user experience of these two facilities of LIC to check the policy status without registration.

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