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21 November 2018


State- Gujarat
Dist.- Junagadh

Parikrama held in Girnar'slap tomorrow will start functioning on midnight. Before that on Sunday evening, hundreds of thousands of devotees reached the final stage of the Parikrama beyond the navel of the Nalpani. Two and a half million devotees have completed the Parikrama and have completed the Purana. On the other hand, the flow of devotees is 'continuous'. It will be a record breaking record in the current year.

In the parikrama, there has been an increase in the number of non-obsessive parikramas that have changed since the past few years and started early in two to three days. Instead, the purpose of picnic is obvious rather than spirituality. Happily, millions of folks leave the worries of parikrama, like picnic, they have completed Parikrama one day and spend one night living in the forest and feel blessed. The number of such devotees is the highest, so the circuit needs to be started two days early. 





      Parikrama with the spiritual value of Girnar begins with the beginning of the night, and starts the first night stay, sinking, the second camping, and the final camp in Boraidi, on the fourth day, Bhavnath returns to the foothills.
But the number of such pilots has decreased. It's counted in thousands. But the fate of the parikramites, like the picnic, is more so because of the greatness of Parikrama, there are young pilgrims behind. The next day after the forest administration gave permission to enter the jungle on the morning of 17.17, today by Sunday evening, 4,19,600 pilgrims crossed the Nalpani Ghoti and reached Bordevi and the foothills. According to the forest sources, 18 to 20 thousand devotees are passing every hour at the Nalpani Ghoti. More than four lakh devotees have reached the end of the parikrama before the start of the formal parikrama.





In it, one and a half million devotees are able to travel around the boundaries of 'Purana' and catch the 'religious places and houses.
As a result, the foothills and Junagadh are flooded with a crowd of prospects and accomplished festivals. Due to the fate of the government and private vehicles coming in the city, the drivers of the returning people are making huge profits with the returning of the parikrama. Private vehicle managers have doubled the rent while taking advantage of the opportunity.
  Circumstances have emerged in the 36 kilometers of Parikrama area of ​​Junagadh city, Talati road, Bhavnath lake and Girnar lake. Future income will continue till tomorrow evening. This situation is not surprising if the record breaks the number of pilgrims this year.
The dip in the nearby forest in the drainage mare
The napkin was in the forest area in the nearby forest area this afternoon. After knowing about this, the officials and laborers of the forest got control over the dawn.

Jay mahadev Jay Girnar.
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