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30 April 2017

Know how to personalize your personal messaging forever

Know how to personalize your personal messaging forever

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In the era of WhatsApp and other messaging apps, SMS is still a feature which has not broken. However now it was not used as much as it was before. Even though the importance of SMS has diminished in the era of WhatsApp, but it is still used. Talking about SMS, when Facebook Messenger, Hike, Whatsapp was not messaging app, it was an effective medium. These were used by so many important things that the users used to maintain and maintain other folders to save them.

How to save SMS?

 Now WhatsApp's message can be easily emailed and printed. But if you talk SMS, then you will have to take some different ideas for that. For this you have to remove the SMS print. This is one way that your SMS can be saved.

1. Why do SMS save:

 It is very important to keep a copy of such SMS for many reasons, such as saving the SMS for buying messages and other important information, e-commerce, it is very important. So save them or keep them with the help of print out. We are telling you some ways in this post, that you will be very useful in saving SMS.

2. Here's how:

-If there is a printer in the house that supports the Google print or Apple's print of Android device, the print out can be easily removed from your device.

- This information is very important for printers because there is no other way to print the SMS. Surprisingly, nobody ever thought about taking out print of SMS.

 - It is possible to take print out after installing Cloud Print from the Google Play Store on Android devices. After trying to take a print out of Android device, you can then print your message by creating a PDF file. There are many more options to print that will make your convenience easier. Here's a screenshot and print it. These screenshots need to be saved on their computer. After that, they can print in a common way.

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