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11 October 2023

First 6G lab has started in the country : Now Indians will get internet speed with the speed of a rocket

Now Indians will get internet speed with the speed of a rocket, the first 6G lab has started in the country

6G Lab In India News: India Launches Its First 6G Lab To Strengthen Its Hold In The Telecommunication Sector

After 5G, India has also started preparations for 6G

No 4G now 6G speed, no hassle of slow internet

India has launched the first 6G lab to strengthen its grip on the telecommunications sector

6G Lab In India: India is moving fast in the Internet sector.

It has been only a year since the launch of 5G in the country.

Telecom companies are rapidly rolling out 5G services to every corner of the country.

In this regard, now the news has come out that after 5G, India has started preparations for 6G as well.

India has launched its first 6G lab to strengthen its hold in the telecommunications sector.

Nokia has launched the country's first 6G lab in Bengaluru.

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has inaugurated this lab.

What is the purpose of 6G Lab?

Importantly, the 6G lab started by the Finnish company Nokia aims to prepare the basic basic technology of 6G technology in India.

It is believed that this 6G lab of Nokia will support the global standard.

After launching this lab, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that Digital India has made a huge impact on the lives of every Indian.

Making India a hub of innovation is the prime vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and for this it is necessary to develop new technologies in India itself and the opening of 6G lab is a big step in this direction.

What did the Union Minister say?

The Union Minister said that in the coming days, 6G technology will play a major role in the industrial sector as well as many other sectors and will fulfill many needs through it.

With the help of this technology, major changes will be seen in many fields like health, education, transportation etc.

The Union Minister said that 6G technology will prove to be a new milestone in India's development.

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