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12 March 2023

Use AC daily, electricity bill will not come for life

Use AC daily, electricity bill will not come for life

If there is one thing that gives you relief in the summer season, then it is the air conditioner (AC). But the problem comes when the electricity bill increases very much due to AC. That's why many people do not like to take AC. If you are also among those people, and want to get rid of AC but also want to avoid the electricity bill that comes with it, then Solar AC can be the best option for you. Its biggest feature is that it can be used to avoid the hassle of paying electricity bills.

In the year 2017, a company also launched the first Hybrid Solar AC. Which is 5 star rating AC. The company believes that the air conditioners (ACs) are completely hybrid and run on solar energy. That means electricity bill will not come from this AC. It is one of the best options in summer season.

Energy is obtained from the solar plate
The company provides Solar Panel Plat and DC to AC converter with this AC i.e. you do not need to spend separate money for this. This panel will work in any condition and its maintenance cost is also very less. The company has launched AC in two different capacities. This includes 1 ton and 1.5 ton ACs.

There are many AC companies in the market that provide Solar AC. Solar plates in AC are kept in open places where sun rays can fall. Also a DC battery generates electric current and cool air is received through an AC converter. The maintenance cost of such ACs is also very less as compared to other ACs.

You must be thinking that why the use of this AC is less as compared to Electric AC, the reason for this is one time cost. You will have to spend around 90 thousand to 1 lakh rupees for one ton solar AC. Although this will be a one-time cost only, you will not need to bear any cost thereafter. If we compare Electric AC with Solar AC, then its cost is around 20 to 40 thousand rupees per ton. However, even after that the cost of the electricity bill comes.

Please tell that AC will work only when it is sunny. This AC will not work at night but for this you have to buy a separate battery which will keep the AC running throughout the night. The company says that at this price you can get free cool air for 25 to 30 years.

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