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8 March 2023

This small remedy to boost immunity, your child will never get sick.

This small remedy to boost immunity, your child will never get sick.

Friends, parents are very careful to take care of the health of young children. 

The immune system of young children is very low. 

Friends, to increase the immunity of young children, parents make many efforts by giving many types of food and minerals, vitamins to children.

Friends, in today's article, we are going to show you some ways to increase immunity of children. 

Friends, nowadays it is very important to increase the immunity of children. 

Due to the weak immunity of children, many types of diseases occur in children.

Friends, due to the low immunity of a small child, the risk of contracting the coronavirus is very high nowadays. 

Friends, it is for this reason that boosting the child's immunity has become very important. 

According to Mitro Ayurveda, mother's milk is very important for the health of the baby and for boosting immunity. 

Friends, from newborn to 8 months baby should consume more breast milk. 

By doing this, the child's immunity increases. 

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of viral infections in young children.

Friends, children above 8 to 9 months should be given vitamin and protein rich food to increase their immunity. 

Friends, children should not consume too much market fast food. 

Children are more likely to get infections by consuming more outside food.

Friends, young children should consume more fruits so that every type of vitamins and minerals are available to the child. 

According to Ayurveda, boiled vegetables should be consumed by young children. 

Young children should be fed boiled gram and boiled pulses at regular intervals.

By doing this, the child's immunity increases and the child gets strength to fight viral infections. 

Friends, increasing the intake of dry fruits in children increases the immunity of children.

Friends milk is considered a nutritious food. 

Milk contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Friends, the child should be fed milk regularly in the morning. 

If your child does not want to drink milk in the morning, then regular consumption of warm milk before going to bed at night should be mandatory. 

Friends, if this kind of diet and vihara is given to the children, the immunity of the children increases.

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