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5 March 2023

As long as you live there will be no disease, immune system, numerous problems including pain in hands and feet, weakness will be removed.

As long as you live there will be no disease, immune system, numerous problems including pain in hands and feet, weakness will be removed.

Friends, you must have used dry fruits in cooking before today, but let us tell you that dry fruits also work to take care of your health.
Many diseases can be cured by its use.
Along with it, muscle pain is also relieved by its use. Dates are one such dry fruit.
You may have used dates many times but you may not know about its benefits.
In such a situation you can also get relief from many diseases by using dates.

Let us tell you that dates contain many nutrients including vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, due to which your body becomes completely healthy and you can stay healthy.
Now let's know how to use dates and what are its benefits. If you consume dates with milk in food, it keeps the blood pressure under control.
It strengthens the immune system and does not weaken the body.
Let us now know about the benefits of consuming dates and milk.

To make date water, you need dates - 2, a glass of milk.
To prepare it, first peel it and heat it well by adding dates in milk. Then when it cools, it should be consumed.
However, if you consume it at night before going to bed, you can get relief quickly.

If your blood sugar level rises frequently then you should consume dates along with milk in your diet.
Along with this, it regulates your blood sugar and increases insulin levels.
Which works to remove the problem of diabetes forever. Blood pressure problem is also controlled by drinking date milk.
Yes, it contains potassium, due to which you can get rid of blood pressure problem and also get rid of heart related diseases.

If you often forget something, you should consume milk with dates in your meal.
Because the nutrients found in it increase memory.
This can also provide mental relief. Today millions of people die every year due to heart disease.
Because the level of stress and anxiety has increased a lot in today's time, but if you consume milk along with dates in your diet, it can keep the heart healthy and give you relief from heart attack and heart disease problems.

Date milk contains fiber, which gives you relief from constipation, gas, indigestion.
In fact, consuming it improves digestion and you can easily digest any food. Nowadays, strengthening the immune system is very important during the Corona period.
Because if the immune system is strong, we can get rid of many diseases.
With this you can also get relief from viral diseases like cold, cough and cough.

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