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11 February 2023

You Can Grow Cardamom Plants In Pots At Home - Know How?

To grow cardamom, take a good quality and ripe cardamom.

For this take good and plump cardamom not bad. After this take this cardamom leaf. After picking the pods in this way, good seeds will emerge from them. About 10 to 12 seeds of different types will emerge from this. Separate all these seeds.
A good cardamom will produce 10 to 12 small seeds.

Cardamom is used by all people because it is so useful. If this cardamom can be cultivated at home and its benefits can be obtained. Growing this cardamom is simple and easy.

After this you should take a kundu and fill it with good native soil. After this fill about half of the tank with this manure. After filling it half like this, pour water in it. After adding water in this way, mix it. After this is mixed well, add some water. After pouring this water, put some soil on it.

Put this soil and sow the cardamom seeds one by one in different places. Sow these seeds in only a few. Don't plant it deep. So that Anukur can burst out well. After sowing all the seeds in this pot, pour some water in it. Water only as much as the soil that has been poured over it becomes wet.

After planting the seeds in this way, keep them in a slightly shaded place. Due to which the sun does not shine and the soil of the pot does not heat up. By keeping water in it for a few days, a cardamom plant will gradually grow from it. From which very good plants are prepared.

After this plant grows, you can pull it out and plant it in a separate pot. As this plant is to be kept for a long time, first of all you have to take coconut husks, grind them and apply them to the bottom of the pot.

After this you should take some sand, some clay and powder made from coconut husk.
Before this mix these three properly. After mixing this, fill the tank. After filling the tank in this way, take out the cardamom plant from the tank where the seeds have grown and plant it in this tank. After placing it in the trough, pour water in it. By treating in this way for a few days, the plant will start growing and developing. However, during this cultivation, water as much as the Kundama soil becomes wet. Using too much water also burns the plant.

This plant will grow up in 50 days. Which will continue to grow gradually. Can become very big in 80 days. This way you can grow cardamom at home and reap its benefits. This is a very useful plant but it flowers in a few days and bears cardamom. Keeping this plant in the house also increases the fragrance of the house, thus you can keep your home environment healthy.

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