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24 January 2023

A collection of Gujarati wedding songs is available online.

How to apply for Marriage Certificate in India Your complete companion 

Marriage in India is considered a sacrament. That's why our law covers marriage enrollment . Marriage enrollment is a necessity for any couple. Those who have learned or are illiterate, must fulfill their scores. 

 Musketeers, let's know the process of registering a marriage. This means, the way to get a marriage instrument. 

Gujarati language has veritably important songs like Gujarati Bhajan, Santvani, Duha, Chhand, Gujarati Kavita, Laggit( marriage song), Gujarati Garba, Lokgeet, Ras, Ghazal and numerous types of songs. 

 The documents and instructions demanded to carry a marriage are as follows 

  •  FormNo. 5 and FormNo. 1( Marriage Registration Department/ online form is available) 
  •  The real dupe of the living instrument of the bridegroom and bachelor. 
  •  The true dupe of the bridegroom and bachelor's election card and portion card. 
  •  snap of two passports size and marriage couple print of both the bridegroom and bachelor. 
  • The illustration of Gour Maharaj, the Kankotari Original and Xerox dupe. 
  •  The true dupe of the election card and portion cards of Gorda Maharaj and both party substantiations. 
  •  To keep all the substantiation in two clones and the bridegroom and bachelor subscribe the substantiation. 
  •  To keep up with all the original instruments to show. 
  •  Filling the marriage operation form with a dark ball pen and a checker in the clerk should be ensured. 
  •  Both the bridegroom and bachelor should be present at the time of marriage enrollment . 

 For our new age, 90 of women don't know marriage songs, so we've given a new Gujarati marriage song app which has all kinds of marriage songs in Gujarati for Gujarati people. 

The Gujarati Lagna Geet app involve all types of the Lagan Geet or Lagna Geet which are used in Gujarat. 



- Use Gujarati marriage song as a fund wordbook 

- 100 marriage Song( Gujarati Songs) 

- Increase- drop textbook size 

- Gujarati language support 

- Share songs in one click 

- Save your favorite song 

- Show redundant favorite list 

-Coming- movement of former songs 

- Easy, presto and custom setting 

- No internet needed. And free to download 

-Free decoration features. 

 still, also do not forget to rate it, review it and partake it with your loved bones ,If you like our app. 

 Registrar for marriage enrollment 

◆ Talati cum minister for vill panchayat 

 ◆ External Chief Officer or Health Officer 

 ◆ Municipal Medical Officer( Health) 

 ◆ Notified Area Chief Executive Officer 

 Ways to register a marriage 

 In order to register marriage, marriage parties have to prepare the list of nomination in the designated sample and the enrollment of the place where the marriage has been done within thirty days from the date of marriage is to be given in the two clones of the enrollment list. For marriage enrollment , the form number- 5 and form number- 1 will be filled. Two substantiations will have to subscribe in the form. also the Registrar will check the form and all the substantiation you have given and if you find applicable, issue a Marriage Certificate. You can get marriage enrollment instrument in both Gujarati and English languages. 


 Gujarati All songs in Gujarati language 

Font 80 Lagna Gits( Songs) Songs in Gujarati Font 

 App The size of the app is a small 

 Using this app you can fluently carry a number of marriage songs in your fund and you can fluently read Gujarati marriage songs anywhere.

 Gujarati Marriage Songs app is obtainable in Gujarati language. Gujarati marriage songs Gujarati marriage songs are substantially read or played during marriage form. These Gujarati marriage songs are substantially known as Gujarati marriage song Gujarati marriage song. In Hindi, people call it Shaadi or Geet in Gujarati. Promise is the major custom of marriage.

 Advantages of marriage enrollment 

 This marriage enrollment proves to be blessed in some circumstances. To produce a document similar as a marriage enrollment instrument for election card, license, support card, visage cardetc. are ineluctable. The most important thing is that the only substantiation of marriage support is also a marriage instrument. In addition to registering a name in the portion card, marriage instrument is necessary in order to make a passport, to take advantage of government schemes, to take advantage of pension in the job, and to colorful services. 

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