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3 December 2022

A glass of this juice will cure all your urinary problems.

A glass of this juice will cure all your urinary problems.

Friends Sachu Sukh Nirogi Kaya According to this proverb, if your body is healthy, you will be lucky. Friends, in today's time, there are many small and big problems. Among all these problems, there is one problem that we are going to talk about and that is the problem related to urine.

Friends, problems related to urination are bothering many people now. Urinary problems include very burning sensation while urinating, urinary retention, pain, yellow urine, frequent blood in urine or pus in urine.

Friends, this is called a common problem but if it is prolonged for a long time, it takes a serious form. Due to which there is a possibility of kidney problem.

People who have problem of dehydration, urinary tract infection or kidney stone also have problem related to urine, people who have the habit of eating spicy and spicy food have this problem.

Friends, for that you should drink water specially. Water is a permanent cure for urinary diseases. Friends, today we are going to show you a remedy for urinary diseases.

For that, you have to take a cucumber, cut the cucumber into small pieces and extract its juice and extract this juice in a glass and add the juice of a lemon to it. Then add half a teaspoon of pure native honey. Then this juice has to be mixed repeatedly.

Friends you have to drink this juice slowly one hour after breakfast in the morning and this juice is to be drunk in the evening before the meal. Friends if you drink this native remedy you will get great relief if you have any urinary related disease. And all urinary problems will be removed.

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