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19 November 2022

Ratan tata A great human being | Memorable Motivational Event | Shantnu Naydu |Shantnu Naydu

Ratan tata A great human being | Memorable Motivational Event | Shantnu Naydu |Shantnu Naydu

Recently Ratan Tata celebrated his birthday very simply by cutting a cup cake.

In the video of his celebration, a young man puts his hand on Ratan Tata's shoulder and feeds him cake.

This is the young man whom Ratan Tata himself was so impressed with that he called him and said, "Would you be my assistant?"

The name of this 29-year-old is Shantanu Naidu, who is Ratan Tata's personal secretary.

What did Shantanu do that impressed Ratan Tata?

After passing Mechanical Engineering from Pune University in 2014, Shantanu started his career as an Engineer at Tata Alexey in Pune.

One day when he was on his way home after a night shift, a running dog was run over by a car in the middle of Pune's Bimannagar road. This scene shook Shantanu. This used to happen often, sometimes vehicles would run over the dead bodies of dogs and Shantan would get distracted seeing such scenes. At most, he could not do anything other than drag the body and put it on the side of the road. It occurred to Shantanu that something should be done about this, this automotive design engineer of the Tata Group did not want to be a mere spectator of this incident.

Shantanu started collecting information by contacting drivers who had such accidents and those who lived in the vicinity of the accident.

Shantanu says - "Visibility and proximity were crucial issues for such motorists. If they had five seconds to see a dog in the dark of night, there was no chance of avoiding an accident.

If they could have seen the dog from a little more distance, the accident might have been avoided."

Shantanu Naidu says- "As I am an automotive design engineer, the reflective tapes you use on cars were easily available to me. I got some friends together. Together we designed a prototype dog collar with reflective tape."

Although initially it was an entry level job. Shantanu's friends were college students and did not have enough money to buy enough base material to make dog collars. So arrangements had to be made to get cheap or free material.

They collected old denim that people had left over and made sample dog collars. He felt that this would work, so in 2014 he also ran a denim donation campaign.

Many people came forward to donate and 500 collars were made initially. After that he collared stray dogs with the help of a motorcycle riding group

Conducted an awareness campaign among the banding people. After a few days, we started getting a wonderful response from the people that this collar is very helpful in identifying the dogs from a distance.

Shantanu says - "It gave us recognition for our work."

By 2015 Shantanu and his friends A

Established an animal welfare NGO for dogs called Motopaws. After a few months, the demand for dog collars started to increase but Shantanu and his friends lacked funding.

To solve it, Shantanu wrote a heart touching handwritten letter to Ratan Tata as per his father's advice.

Two months later he received a reply from Ratan Tata himself in which he praised Shantanu's work and invited him to meet.

About that meeting, Shantanu says - "I was nervous when I first met Ratan Tata in late 2015 but he helped me normalize. Ratan Tata is very generous and emotional. And we were able to connect with each other because of his love for people and animals. He Love working with young entrepreneurs. That's how everything became possible."

Ratan Tata offered Shantanu to join Tata Trust as DGM and arranged funding for his work.

After a year in 2016, Shantanu went to America to do MBA in Cornwell University. He had taken this decision before meeting Tata. But Shantanu had told Ratan Tata that he wanted to work with Tata Trust after his return. When he returned after two years, Ratan Tata called him and said, "I have a lot of work for you in my office. Will you join me as my assistant?"

Today, apart from working with Tata, Shantanu runs 'Motopoze'.

And thanks to Tata's generous funding, today his NGO has expanded to 11 cities and 3 countries, with volunteers serving to tie dog collars every day.

How amazing!..

A work started out of compassion is one today

has transformed into a movement that is saving the lives of thousands of dogs!

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