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4 November 2022

Gujarat Voter List 2022 – Check your Name in Voter List

Gujarat Voter List 2022 – Check your Name in Voter List: Check names in Gujarat Voter List 2022 | Check the names in the electoral rolls, the Election Commission of India has published the voter list for 2020 on its official website. With the facility of online system, it is not necessary to go to the booth with proof of your identity or other required documents to find your name in the voter list.

However, this must be done at least 10 days before the election so that any mistake can be corrected as soon as possible. Once elections are about to begin, no change is allowed.

Do a search by description

  • First enter your full name in the tab that opens next. 
  • Enter Your father name and then choose your gender. 
  • In the same way, fill in the information of district and assembly from your date of birth. 
  • Then type code given in the box in your smartphone/ Computer Display. 
  • Then click on Search. 
  • Click your name when the option appears. 
  • Then you make your choice and click on View Details. 
  • If you do not see your voter list after your details, you can call the Election Commission toll free number 1800111950 or 1950.

Here’s how to check your name?

  • To check your name in the voter list, you must first go to the website of the Election Commission ( 
  • Through this official website you can check your name with your father name along with all details. 
  • Then in new tab you can see Card Number/ EPIC Number. 
  • If you have updated your Voter card with new information, use another tab again. 
  • If you do not have an Epic number present, click Search by description.

How can you verify your name through National Voters Service Portal (NVSP)?

  • Visit the website of National Voters Service Portal (NVSP):
  • Click on Search in Electoral Roll choice.
  • A new webpage will open, where you will have to enter your details.
  • Presently, the new site page will show both of you ways of checking the name in the elector list.
  • The principal choice to look is this, wherein you need to enter your name, father’s/spouse’s name, age, date of birth and orientation.
  • After entering the information, you have to enter your state, district and assembly constituency.
  • You can also see your Name with EPIC Card Number 2022.
  • For both of these options, you have to authenticate this information on the website by entering the captcha code at the end.
  • Once this information is completed, the webpage will show you the details of voter registration.

Check Name in Voter List by SMS :
  • In Mobile Number Section With EPIC Card Number.
  • Enter your voter ID card number. 9211728082 or 1950 – Send SMS to This Number.
  • Your Booth Name and Your Name will be Show in Your Smartphone Display/ Computer Display.
  • If your name is not in the voter list, you will get the answer ‘No record not found’.

What to do When Voter ID Not Received ?

Do small steps we given below :
Above all else, you can visit the authority online interface of the “political decision commission of India” or your closest political decision official.
After the accommodation of structure 6, you probably got reference number. Enter that number and any leftover information.
Now Click on Track Status Number.
Furthermore, in conclusion, you can follow your application and see its refreshed status.
You can transfer your copy elector ID online by visiting the National Voter Service (NVSP) page.
Important Link :

Gujarat Voter List 2022 FAQ

I lost my old EPIC. How do I get a new EPIC?

By paying a fee of Rs.5 / – along with a copy of the complaint lodged with the police regarding loss of EPIC, a new EPIC can be issued to the voter instead of the lost EPIC However, no fee will be charged for issuing a new EPIC if the EPIC is lost in circumstances beyond the control of the voter like floods, fires, other natural calamities etc.

Where can I get Form 3-K?

It can be downloaded from the website of the Chief Electoral Officer of the respective state or from the website of the Election Commission of India. Form 2-A is available free of cost at Indian missions abroad. In addition, booth level officials in every polling station area of ​​India have been asked to distribute blank Form 3-K to their families for sending to Indians living abroad.

What is the website for viewing voter list?

You can viewing Voter List of Gujarat State 2022 Using this Link : Click Here

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