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27 November 2022

Finally found a permanent cure for phlegm, once you try it, any phlegm will melt and come out.

Finally found a permanent cure for cough, once you try it, any phlegm will melt and come out.

Friends, usually when there is a problem with cough, a person has difficulty in breathing and also does not get a peaceful sleep. 

Due to which one has to bear many difficulties on the next day. 

Along with this, when you resort to medical drugs, it removes the cough, but the cough stuck in the lungs cannot come out, due to which the problem of cough returns again after a few days.

So if you are also tired of cough problem and want to cure it permanently then you should do some remedies. 

Doing this remedy will also release cough stuck in your chest and lungs. 

With this your body will be very healthy. 

So let us know what these remedies are.

Generally, when people are facing diseases like cold, cough, they stop eating bananas. 

However, you should know that bananas are rich in potassium, which can strengthen the immune system. 

Along with this, you do not have the problem of cold and phlegm.

Like banana, pineapple also helps in curing many diseases. 

It also has to be used as daily. If you get sick often then you should include pineapple in your diet, it can help you get rid of viral illness easily. Also if you have phlegm stuck in your lungs, it also comes out.

If you mix ginger and basil and make a decoction and consume it, it gives you relief from cough and sore throat. 

Along with this, its use also increases immunity, due to which you cannot fall victim to viral diseases very soon. 

If for some reason you can't find basil, you can also simply sip a piece of ginger.

You must have known about the benefits of consuming jaggery before today. 

Jaggery is rich in calcium, which can make your bones very strong. 

Along with this, by consuming it, you can also remove the lack of blood in the body. 

Jaggery works even if you are prone to viral illnesses. 

Jaggery has a warming effect, due to which you can get rid of cold, phlegm, cough by eating jaggery.

Just like jaggery, if you mix lemon syrup and honey in hot water and consume it, it improves your mental ability and also relieves viral diseases like cough, cold, cough. 

Apart from this, if you have frequent problems with constipation, you can use lemon and honey with warm water, which can also prove effective in keeping the stomach clean.

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