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19 November 2022

ADP Workforce Now – Time & Attendance – Registration Information

   ADP Workforce Now – Time & Attendance – a Registration Information

ADP Workforce Now is a portal for:

• Non-exempt (hourly) an employees to a track their hours

• Downloading a copies of a payroll a stubs and W-2’s

• Complete an annual benefits open an enrollment a submission


1. You will receive a Personal a Registration Code that you will receive in an email

 You can Click on a “Sign Up Now” and use the a personal access code* provided to

create an account.


 the a personal access code* provided in the email.

*You will need to a register as soon as possible, as the personal access code does an expire.

**If you did not an enroll in ADP when a hired, you will need to contact Kim Magers in a human 

Resources to request a personal an access code be a sent to you.


If you have accessed ADP Workforce Now a previously, log onto and click on “Forgot Your Password?”


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