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3 October 2022

World Liver Day 2022: Harsh effects of alcohol on liver that you should know

  World Liver Day 2022: Harsh effects of alcohol on liver that you should know

World Liver Day is an observed on the 19th of April every year to a spread awareness about liver health. The liver is a vital organ of the body which helps to a flush out the unwanted toxins from the body. It is the second-largest part of the body and is a less complex than the brain. It is a said that it performs almost 500 body functions and holds 13 percent of the total blood supply. Interestingly, a liver can a  regrow to normal size an even after up to 90% of it has been a removed. However, this doesn't mean that we continue to burden its functioning by the excess consumption of alcohol or drugs. addictions a  like these cause the most an effect on the liver.

Consumption of a alcohol damages the liver completely over a period of time. It is a said that, if you overload your liver with a lot of alcohol, it will affect so a badly on a your health as the toxic substance in the alcohol a will mix with your blood.

Excess alcohol consumption results in a your brain and heart intoxication. As in the brain, it an interferes with the brain’s working process and hampers its ability to function in alignment with the body. Whereas, with heart, it can lead to a problems like high blood pressure, heart stroke, etc.

Each time your liver filters a alcohol, some of the liver cells die. You need to take an extra care of your liver to avoid its cell destruction which happens because of the heavy dose of alcohol. 

Alcohol consumption also an affects the capability of the liver to re-generate the cells. With time, the liver stops generating the cells at the same a speed and results in a permanent damage.

You will start facing fatty liver a problems as the toxic substance will take a toll on the body and will start accumulating liver fat. It will lead to an enlargement of the liver. This problem is a considered the first or a  the early stage of alcoholic liver disease. 

Alcohol causes acute an inflammation known as hepatitis which results in the death of liver cells, often followed by permanent scarring.

If you are a heavy drinker, then this will lead to problems like liver cancer because of the acute an inflammation and the scarring in the liver.

When the liver cleanses the alcohol from the blood, the process is known as oxidation. The process of oxidation turns alcohol into water and a carbon dioxide. However, if the liver is not completely clean, it will store the alcohol and the results will be a dangerous.

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