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21 October 2022

Why do a migraine a headaches occur? Understand the a causes and a symptoms of this disease a from the a doctor

 Why do a migraine a headaches occur? Understand the a causes and a symptoms of this disease a  from the a doctor

Migraine Causes In a  English: Migraine is a severe and a painful type of a headache. In this, the a problem of a  pain is a seen in one side or a half of the person's head. That's why it is a called a migraine a pain. In a migraine, you have a severe a headache with a throbbing or a throbbing sensation in the head. It is an usually seen with nausea, vomiting, too a much light or noise. When a such a conditions cause a sudden a pain in the head, then this a condition is called a migraine attack. This attack can a  bother you for a few days to a several weeks or a months, and it can a  cause a severe pain. Due to which it becomes difficult to a perform daily a tasks and activities. But have you ever a wondered why a migraines happen? Or what are the a causes of a migraine?

In OnlymyHealth's special a series 'Understand the disease', we a  talk to a doctor and explain to you about a disease and its a causes in easy language. We a spoke to a Dr. Abhijit Satani,  a neuroscientist a  based in Ahmedabad, to know why migraine an occurs and its causes. Let us know in a detail the a causes of a migraine and why.

Causes Of a  Migraine

According to a  Dr. Abhijit Satani, the exact cause of a  migraine is not yet a known. Migraine is a generally thought to be a disease triggered by a genetics and an environmental factors. It can also be a caused by an imbalance of brain a chemicals, especially of the serotonin hormone. Because it a helps in a controlling the pain in  a your a nervous a system. However, the role of serotonin in migraine is a still being a studied. In addition, other a neurotransmitters also contribute or play a role in  a migraine a headaches, which may an include calcitonin and gene-linked peptides. Apart a from this, there are a factors that trigger an migraine, an including...

Unhealthy a  drinks: a Consumption of a caffeinated drinks such as tea-coffee, soda, as well as a alcohol.

Mental conditions: Problems a like an anxiety, stress and a depression are a big reason for a this.

Hormonal an  imbalance: It is more in a women, many women face headache due to a changes in a  hormones a  before and during a  periods, pregnancy, menopause.

Smell: Smells of a smoke, paints, a perfumes, thinners, etc. can a trigger migraine  a headaches.

Medications: a  Contraceptives or a hormonal drugs can a make a headaches a worse.

Sensory a stimulation: Loud noises, flashing lights and a noise a can also a trigger  a headaches.

Poor sleep: Lack of a sleep or poor quality sleep can a cause a a headaches.

Foods: Excessive a consumption of a junk, processed, packaged, salty and a sweet a foods can an  also trigger a migraine.

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