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12 October 2022

These five everyday things can also damage your liver.

These five everyday things can also damage your liver.

We don’t even know that some things are harmful to our body, we only know that which is harmful like alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, excessive smoking etc.

Apart from this, there are some food items that have a bad effect on our liver, so let’s get information about them and keep the liver safe. Talking about the liver, it can be considered as a chemical factory in our body. It works continuously 24 hours a day to maintain the chemical in our blood.

Liver is very useful for removing some toxic substances from the body. Liver can be said to be the most important organ of the body. Nowadays, most of the people get liver problems due to their negligence. Apart from this, some bad eating habits also cause liver problems. His liver gradually deteriorates.

Health experts believe about the liver that if you want to keep your liver very healthy and healthy, then you need to know which food is suitable for your liver and which things can damage your liver by consuming them. So let us know what not to eat for liver.

Sugar : Too much sugar not only damages your teeth but also damages your liver. The liver uses only one type of sugar called fructose to make fat. And it also increases body fat. Some studies on sugar also found that consuming alcohol is just as harmful as consuming sugar.

Sesame flour : Sesame flour is very harmful to the body and even if we talk about the liver, it causes severe damage to the liver, vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in very less quantity in semolina flour. If you are consuming anything like pasta, pizza, bread, biscuits, stop it completely if you want to keep the liver healthy and functioning for a long time.

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Painkillers : Often people use painkillers to get rid of any kind of pain in the body apart from headaches, consuming too much of these painkillers also has a negative effect on the liver and causes damage to the liver.

Consuming more Vitamin A: As you know that the body needs many vitamins, Vitamin A deficiency is met by fresh fruits and vegetables, Vitamin A is found in red orange and yellow colored fruits and vegetables. Some people take vitamin A supplements because consuming too much of them can cause serious damage to our liver. If you want to take vitamin A supplement to correct vitamin A deficiency then it is best to consult your family doctor.

Thus, we need to take precautions to keep the liver healthy and highly functional.

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