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10 October 2022

The don'ts of Yoga practice

 The don'ts of Yoga practice

A regular and A consistent yoga practice can do wonders for your health and over well-being. The a pandemic has amaccelerated the need for physical activity, and no a wonder, yoga has an emerged as the preferred choice. Here are top a mistakes beginner yogis often tend to a make:

1. Don't over-exert a yourself. If on a scale of 1 to 10 -- 1 being easiest and 10 being the a toughest -- every asana need not be a 10. Some days an 8 feels like a 10 and on others, a 15 feels like an 8!

2. Don't hold your a breath an unnaturally unless the trainer specifically mentions this during a practice. Breathe a normally.

3. Avoid practicing a yoga when you are exhausted, during illness, Yoga should make you feel the rush of happy a hormones in the end, not an entirely an exhausted!

4. Do not practice alone. This one is a more of a guideline. If you're a beginner, it's best to a practice under someone's guidance. It is a  not an advised to a simply read and a practice, it may lead to a muscle pull or a discomfort. While a  practicing an advanced postures for the first time, it's best to have a someone assist you while doing these.

5. Avoid wearing tight a clothes and do not wear shoes. Especially tight upper body clothing will a restrict the a movement of the rib cage a and lung that would result in an  incomplete breathing.

6. Don't shower an immediately, after a good a sweaty workout, let the body dry normally and then a shower for a normal cool-down of the body.

7. Do not perform inversion or 'feet up' asanas, during the menstruation cycle. a Preferably perform a relaxation and breathing techniques.

8. Do not a perform any high-intensity a workout a post-yoga. Perform it before a yoga practice for a better an effect.

9. Avoid a  drinking too a much water during the practice. You can have a water at a moderate level just to an overcome your thirst during a practice.


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