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23 October 2022

The book is banned in India, but this OTT is bringing a film based on it to India.

Lady Chatterley's Lover: Films based on the books have been made all over the world. Films have also been made of the book, Lady Chatterley's Love, which created a sensation all over the world in its time. A new film based on it is ready for release. The film will also be seen in India, but interestingly, the book is banned in India.

Controversial films and books: About 94 years ago, English writer D.H. Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover was published. In 1928, the novel, secretly published in English in France and Italy, was promptly banned by the British.

Along with England, it was banned in all places where Britain was in power. But even after the end of colonialism, this book is still banned in India. However, this book was also banned in countries like America, Canada, Australia and Japan. Lawsuits went on in all countries over this matter and finally the publishers of other countries including England won. The ban on the book was lifted.

But it is still banned in India. Lady Chatterley's lover was accused of obscenity. But at different times movies were made on it, all the characters and books inspired by it were written. Now a new film based on the book is ready for release on Netflix and it is believed that it will also be available in India.

Objectionable content in the book Lady Chatterley's Lover

Ladies Chatterley's Lover will be released on Netflix on December 2. This is a Netflix original film and all the eyes of the world are on it. The story is about the emotional and physical relationship between a working-class man and woman from a noble family in England, which was not tolerated by many at the time. Many people also objected to the depiction of events and language in the novel. Such words were used at various places in the novel, which are not commonly spoken in Bhadraloka. British actors played the lead roles in the Netflix film. Emma Corinne, who played Lady Diana in the popular series The Crown, and Jack O'Connell will be seen in the lead roles in the film.

Dev Anand's famous film Teen Deviyan

Not only the literature of the whole world, but also the cinema has been influenced by the works of Lawrence. Hindi films are also not immune to this. Dev Anand's famous film Teen Deviyan (1955) was directed by D.H. Lawrence, which tells the story of a poet who falls in love with three different young women at the same time. All three want her in their lives and the poet is in trouble as to whom he should make his life partner.

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