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26 October 2022

Get your earwax out in just 1 minute, just with this little trick.

Dust in the ear is quite common as it protects the ear from dust and bacteria in the ear but if too much dirt gets stuck in the ear then it can affect the ear as well as hearing. Therefore, it is very important to get this mail out of the ear in time.

If you are thinking of going to the doctor after earwax accumulation, then you should try some home remedies first. Because there are many home remedies that can get rid of earwax without resorting to medicines.

So let's know what are the remedies by using which earwax can be easily removed.

1. Let us tell you that you can also use lukewarm water to clean your ears. To use it, first take some lukewarm water and soak a bunch of cotton in it.

Now with the help of a cotton ball, slowly apply it in the form of drops in the ear. Then turn it in the ear for some time and take it out. By doing this, the dirt accumulated in your ears will easily come out.

2. Apart from this, according to another remedy, first of all, mix a little salt in lukewarm water and put it in the ear in the form of drops. Now it should be taken out by shaking it well in the ear. This will also remove the mail accumulated in the ears.

3. According to this remedy, first put onion in water and heat it well and extract its juice. Now mix this juice with the help of cotton ball in the form of ear drops. This will remove the earwax easily and there will be no pain.

4. If you heat groundnut and garlic in mustard oil, extract its juice and put it in the ear, then all the accumulated dirt will come out easily and there will be no pain. However, remember that this remedy should be taken only if you do not have an ear infection or wound. Otherwise problems may increase.

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