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8 October 2022

Get rid of your knee pain by eating a laddu made in this way.

Get rid of your knee pain by eating a laddu made in this way.

Nowadays, physical pain or muscle pain is becoming a big problem in the human body. People complain of pain in any part of the body after lifting something heavy or doing excessive exercise. If we ignore this pain, a serious problem may arise in the future. If we are thinking that body pain is only experienced by old people then it is completely wrong. Because, pain can happen from small children to 70 years old man.

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to show you a recipe for making laddus against knee problems, in which you can get rid of knee problems by making healthy and protein-rich laddus without the use of ghee.

Why do you have knee pain or trouble before looking at Ladoo recipes. Annie, we will know the complete details first and then at the end of the article we will know about the recipe for making laddus.

How many types of pain are there: There are many types of pain . Pain is mainly in muscles, back, head, neck, knees. In other types of pain, the digestive system is affected. And, because of that, it starts to hurt. This type of pain is called neuropathic pain. It starts with pain in small and large joints like finger joints and increases in wrists, knees, toes. As the disease worsens, it inhibits the ability of the entire body to function.

Where more than one bone joins in the body is called a joint. Also, the knee joint is the most complex and highly articulated joint in the body. The kneecap, tibia, fibula, and shinbone are joints that articulate and move. The knee joint contains muscles that bind the bones, tendons, and synovial fluid that keeps the joint cohesive.

ગુજરાતી માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Pain occurs when the knee is swollen. Whenever there is a hindrance in the movement process of the knee that causes any discomfort, it is called knee pain in common parlance. But it is important to know in which part of the joint the problem of knee pain arises and after knowing it, it is also very important to treat it accordingly.

Muscle injury, sprain, swelling or injury to the kneecap, displacement, decreased synovial fluid, weight gain, improper walking, sitting, sports, or other activities such as wear and tear on the bone or misalignment. may be.

Our knee joint does almost the same job as the hinges in the windows and doors of our house. Whenever we are standing, only the joints provide support without using any muscles. Knees are used whenever we bend down, sit down, get up. The knee is also used during walking or running, the cartilage-meniscus and articular cartilage act as cushions, acting as shock absorbers and shock absorbers of all kinds. It helps the movement of the various bones attached to the joint without wear and tear.

Being overweight, continuous monotonous activity like running, jogging, cycling for a longer period of time, sitting on a sofa or chair with the support of the knee, the habit of sitting with the weight of the whole body on the knee of one leg, excess weight on one leg. Whether it is the habit of working standing for long periods of time or walking on rough roads, stony ground without proper shoes, placing the feet diagonally to maintain the balance of the body can have side effects on the knees due to reasons such as strain on the muscles or ligaments.

Excessive weight on the knee joint has side effects on the knee joint. Excess weight of our own body can also cause joint problems. If this is not allowed to happen then it is necessary to reduce our own weight and keep the body weight in proportion. During activities like walking, standing, wearing proper shoes and not using knees improperly should be taken care of.

Aam in the blood can be responsible for swelling, laxity in the muscles that support the knee and in the ligaments and tendons that make up the knee. Therefore, every person should eat food according to nature. And especially following Chari, especially sour, fermented, preservative-containing dishes, as well as bazaar food, and doing the Ayurvedic ‘Aam-pachan’ therapy prescribed in Ayurveda relieves knee swelling, stiffness and pain.

Generally, if you are suffering from knee problem, eating fenugreek will cure the knee pain. But if you do not want to relieve the knee pain, then you have to eat healthy food so that the knee problem does not change. We will also know a healthy laddu recipe, by consuming which this problem will go away.

Ingredients : – Jaggery – 750 gm, Sesame – 500 gm, Walnut – 200 gm, Pulses – 100 gm, Grated Toparu – 100 gm, Cashew nut – 50 gm, Almond – 50 gm, Ginger – 30 gm

Method :- First of all take sesame seeds, leguminous seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts and clean them well. After it is cleaned, separate the sesame seeds, pods and crushed topuru and separate the remaining dry fruits like walnuts, cashews, almonds and divide the material into 2 parts.

After the ingredients are divided into two parts, take a large kadai and turn on the gas and let it heat. When it gets slightly hot, take sesame seeds, leguminous seeds and the grated top part and put it in a pan for roasting. When it becomes slightly hot and the grated topar turns a little brownish in color, take the pan off the gas. And take out the contents of the kadai in a separate plate and keep it to cool.

By the time it cools down, again take the remaining dry fruits like walnuts, cashews, almonds and heat them in a pan and once they get roasted a little bit, after that take them out in a separate vessel and let them cool down.

Note: (All the items here are roasted because all these items have oily properties. By roasting, the moisture in them will be removed. And the laddo will be prevented from spoiling.)

After all these things cool down, combine them in a mixer bowl and grind all the ingredients in a mixer. Care should be taken here that too much cumin is not ground. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the real taste of Ladva. After grinding in the mixer, take it out in a separate clean vessel.

Now, heat jaggery in a kadai and as soon as jaggery gets hot, mix all these ground ingredients and keep stirring. After everything is mixed evenly, turn off the gas and add the ginger to the ingredients and stir again so that the ginger is mixed evenly. Your material for making laddoos is ready.

Make at least 30 laddus from this material. By taking 1-1 laddus every morning on an empty stomach for 30 days, you will find relief from knee pain.

Friends, how do you like this laddu recipe, please share your opinion in the comments. And if your family members have knee problem then make this Ladoo for them.

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